Automation Chromatography

At Axel Semrau, the automation of laboratory operations and analyses is in the DNA.

Based on the automation issues they have been presented by their customers, solutions have been developed and marketed under the name CHRONECT. As can be seen from the name, it is a combination of Chromatography + Connection. Chromatographic instruments such as GC-MS, LC-GC are literally connected to Sample Handlers from PAL System and/or the CHRONECT Bionic and CHRONECT Quantos.


The brain behind the ‘Connection’ between the analytical instruments and the Sample Handlers is the specially designed CHRONOS Software Platform.

CHRONOS® is the ideal platform for automating complex sample preparation steps on the CTC PAL System. Software integration with data systems such as ChemStation™, Masshunter or Xcalibur™ seamlessly integrates with existing systems. In addition to exchanging information with other systems, CHRONOS manages entire processes and optimises individual steps in the process with intelligent Time Management, resulting in a significant improvement in system throughput.

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