IRIS Visual Analyzer

Alpha MOS’ camera-based Imaging system is designed for the visual evaluation of products.

The visual aspect of products, especially food, is very important to consumers for the quality experience of products. Appearance and colour are crucial sensory factors that determine the success of products and should therefore be monitored reliably and consistently.

The IRIS, also known as the electronic eye, is a tool that measures and analyses the overall visual appearance, both in terms of colour and shape. In industry, it is used as a quality control and inspection tool.


  • objective and reliable visual assessment – reproducible colour and shape measurements under controlled conditions, products are traceability through data storage of data and is not affected by consistency or texture of products.
  • simple and fast – non-destructive analysis, no sample preparation, no limitation of sample size, multiple samples in one analysis
  • In-depth analysis – colour and shape assessment in one acquisition
  • powerful and flexible – can be correlated with data from sensory panel evaluation

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