Cryo-Blade™ – cryogenic grinding

Groundbreaking cryogenic system for grinding bulk quantities of sample

The new Cole-Parmer CG-900 Cryo-Blade™ cryogenic grinder has an ultra-high capacity for grinding and processing sample material of up to 1 kg. Thanks to the homogeneous grinding of the sample, only 1 g is needed as a representative test sample of a 1 kg ground batch. Moreover, this technique complies with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. This powerful addition to the range works excellently with the Freezer Mill, which is suitable for 100 – 150 g of sample material.

The Cryo-Blade cryogenic grinder is designed primarily for the fine grinding of foods such as fruits, vegetables and plant material in preparation for the analysis of pesticides and QuEChERS, among others. The improved recovery process of these pesticides achieves better analytical results.

More sample, less time, same yield, within 15 minutes

In addition, the Cryo-Blade automates the supply of liquid nitrogen and does so within 15 minutes or even faster. This eliminates cumbersome handling of liquid nitrogen, making its use much safer. (A patent application for the underlying technology is currently pending.) In addition, the grinding becomes much more effective because the device first cools to the preset temperature before it begins grinding.

Features in brief:

  • High processing speed of up to 1 kg of sample per run
  • Run a cycle in 15 minutes or less
  • Ability to use liquid nitrogen or dry ice to process your sample
  • Automatic dispensing of liquid nitrogen eliminates handling and manipulation of liquid nitrogen (patent pending).

To provide user safety in every use, the Cryo-Blade is equipped with an insulated outer bowl, mechanical locking handle and sensors. The removable 5 L inner bowl accommodates samples up to 1 kg and allows samples to be stored in the freezer, so a second bowl can be used to prepare a new batch. Although the outer bowl is insulated and samples can be safely touched, the use of protective gloves is recommended.

Dry ice as an alternative to liquid nitrogen

In the absence of liquid nitrogen as an alternative, the device can also be used with dry ice to achieve the same desired results.

Available programmes

Several programmes are available, including automatic mode, in which parameters are set according to sample volume, and programmed mode, in which users can store up to 10 protocols. The intuitive interface provides support in 12 languages.

Typical applications and samples
  • Fruit (apple, watermelon, strawberries)
  • Vegetables (corn, broccoli, carrot)
  • Cannabis (flower bud, edibles)
  • Plant (leaf, root, stem, flower)
  • Seeds (soya, pumpkin, tomato, maize)
  • Animal tissue (muscle, heart, lung, liver)
Specifications CG-900 Cryo-Blade™
maximum grinding speed3600 rpm
Mixing speed180 tpm
Sample volume1kg
Interface12 languages
Voltage 230V/ 10A
Dimensions (L x W x H)94.4 cm x 68.6 cm x 101.6cm
Net weight99.8 kg
Included: Cryo-Blade unit, Cryo-Blade Unit, insulated outer bowl, inner bowl, lid cryogenic processor with blade, USB memory stick and operating instructions
Ordering informationCryo-Blade Cryogenic Grinder
article number: 61211-72

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