GlassExpansionlogolargeGlass Expansion Torches has been developed for all major brands of ICP/ICP-MS sample introduction systems. On this page you will find Torches that are fully demountable, semi-demountable, or in one piece. Are you looking for alternatives to the brand of sample introduction system you use? You can find them in the catalogue which you can download below.

Reduce your ICP usage costs with the new revolutionary Demountable Torch.

Why replace the entire Torch if only the outer quartz or ceramic tube is worn out?

  • Quartz is ideal for most aqueous samples
  • Ceramics will last much longer if your samples have a high salt content, or an organic matrix and high concentrations of dissolved solids such as Fusions.
  • Ceramics provides a low background signal for Si determinations
  • interchangeable injectors for aqueous, organic or HF applications

The D-Torch is available for various ICP-OES and ICP-MS models from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent, Sprectro and Horiba.

The outer, inner and injection tubes of this torch can be replaced separately. It is therefore not necessary to replace the entire Torch when one component is worn out.

The Torch is O-ring free.

  • is easy to disassemble and disassemble
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • available for Thermo, Varian, Jobin Yvon, Spectro and GBC

Fixed Torch

  • accurate quartz construction
  • high dimensional accuracy

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