Disposable digestion tubes, also called DigiTUBEs, are made of virgin polypropylene specifically designed for use in the DigiPREP or other graphite block digestion systems. These tubes come with or without a screw cap and can also be used in combination with a polypropylene watch ‘glass’.

Particles that remain after digestion must be filtered out of the solution before the solution is analysed with the AAS, ICP-OES or ICP-MS. This can be done with disposable DigiFILTERs .


SCP Science DigiTUBEs

Disposable digestion tubes specially designed for use in the DigiPREP or other graphite block digestion systems.

  • With RackLock, recesses at the top of the tube, the screw cap can be turned on the tube with one hand.
  • Class A 50ml and 100ml graduation for easy creation of accurate dilutions
  • ultra low leachable metal content to eliminate contaminants
  • leakproof screw cap
  • each box of DigiTUBEs comes with a lot specific Calibration Certificate

Quality, Consistency and Cost Effectiveness… that’s the SCP SCIENCE way

DigiPREP Facts discusses a number of functions that are relevant to the use of DigiTUBEs.


DigiFILTERs increase laboratory productivity by filtering particles from digested samples in seconds. The filters are available in 0.45µm and 1.0µm hydrophilic Teflon membranes, as well as in 0.45µm Metricel membrane and 0.7µm glass membrane for TCLP filtration.

To filter the contents of the DigiTUBE, it is screwed on a disposable DigiFILTER. This is attached to a vacuum manifold connected to a vacuum pump.

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