Savillex Teflon® PFA sample introduction systems and Labware


Savillex has been producing fluoropolymer products from high-purity Teflon® PFA (perfluoroalkoxy copolymer) and FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene) since 1976. This company has a wealth of experience in the field of fluoropolymer molding, as well as unparalleled expertise in the design and molding of PFA components specifically for trace analysis on metal. They are world leaders in this field!

The portfolio is divided into Labware and ICP sample introduction systems.

The products incorporate extremely pure PFA or FEP, which contains the lowest concentration of trace metals currently on the market.

PFA Nebulizers
The sample introduction system is a critical component for both ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments. Its design affects all relevant aspects, such as sensitivity, stability, washout, memory and matrix tolerance. The purity of the materials in contact with the sample has a direct impact on the blank. Savillex has over 30 years of experience in molding fluoropolymers and unrivalled expertise in the design and molding of PFA components for trace analysis on metal.

Savillex C-Flow Concentic NebulizerC-Flow Concentric Nebulizer

  • C-Flow 35, 50, 100, 200, 700d and new 400d
  • 6mm OD – fits any spray chamber
  • C-Flow 50 and 200 on Agilent ICP-MS price list
  • Supplied as standard with CETAC Aridus II
  • Custom versions available

Savillex X-Flow Cross-flow NebulizerX-Flow Cross-flow Nebulizer

  • Interchangeable uptake lines
  • Virtually uncloggable
  • Fits Scott-type chamber only
  • Low price point

Savillex C-Flow 700dC-Flow 700d – for ICP-OES

  • Large bore ID capillary (0.3mm)
  • Constant ID sample path from sample to tip
  • Uptake rate 0.2-1.2mL/min (pumped)
  • High sensitivity, low RSDs
  • Very high TDS and particulate tolerance
  • Virtually unbreakable and easy to unclog by backflushing – no wires or flushing tools required
  • Free aspirates – can be used for aggressive organics that attack pump tubing

PFA Labware

Savillex’s range consists of Purillex bottles, column components, rendering tubes, filter holders, cups, micro-columns, pressure drums, hose, vials and screw caps. For a complete overview download the catalogue below.

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