PAL LSI – robust & reliable sample handling

Reproducible results thanks to optimized injection processing.

PAL system logoPAL LSI autosamplerIt is only possible to obtain reproducible results if the injections are perfectly processed. The PAL LSI is designed for accurate and accurate processing of liquid samples up to a volume of 100µL. In combination with the Chronos Software, developed by our partner Axel Semrau, all parameters related to aspiration and dosing of liquid samples can be fully controlled. This is crucial for perfect injections. A range of syringes from 1.2µL to 100µL is available. The example below is an amount of internal standard that is trapped between the solvent and the sample. The air between the different fluids prevents them from mixing. The precise adjustment of these steps is the basis of reproducible methods.

Pick up and place

The PAL LSI is a robot that can reach any three-dimensional position within its working space and is ideally suited for picking up and placing objects such as vials. It can inject vials from different vials into different detectors or transport vials. This can be done from a tray with vials to stacked temperature-controlled objects.

Summary features of the PAL LSI:

  • Very high sample capacity – achieved by changes in the design of the Sample Trays
  • Faster injection – discrimination against volatile components is prevented
  • New Vortex mixer for automatic mixing and homogenisation of samples
  • Many options available, which simplifies the composition of the optimum configuration
  • The easy-to-use CHRONOS Master Software ensures optimal control and integration of the chromatography system
  • Our CHRONECT Robotic Group solution is an ideal combination with the PAL series and the CHRONOS Software.

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