Flash Chromatography Systems

Interchim’s chromatography systems consist of instruments for the purification of organic compounds in Normal Phase and Reversed Phase separations. Besides organic compounds, Interchim also offers instruments for the chromatography of Peptides & Oligonucleotides.
In fact, Flash and Preparative chromatography replaces the classical HPLC column for purification.

Choosing a puriFlash® system means benefiting from state-of-the-art technology with a minimum space requirement, which guarantees optimisation of your working time and increased safety for your samples. Increase your productivity and rely on your purification system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complex technologies hidden behind a simple button take your Flash purifications to another dimension.

With a wide range of ready-to-use columns and cartridges in combination with comprehensive application support, we take the burden off your laboratory staff.

The range of systems for purification consists of the following systems:

  • Flash Purification – pressure (up to 50 bar) and flow up to 825 ml/min)
  • Preparative Purification – under high pressure (up to 250 bar) and relatively low flow (up to 250 ml/min)
  • Ultra Preparative – under very high pressure (up to 400 bar) and relatively low flow (125 ml/min)
  • Peptides & Oligonucleotides Purification – pressure and flow similar to those of Preparative Purification Systems


To determine the right purification method, you can use Genius. This is the artificial intelligence of the InterSoft X software that recommends the best purification method based on your TLC and HPLC data. No matter how skilled you are in chromatography, Genius and the brand new Flash & Go, Load & Go and Boost & Go functionalities, as well as RFID recognition, will enable you to increase the productivity of your laboratory and achieve expert results for all your purifications.

Below you can see how the optimal purification method for the puriFlash 5.020 system is determined from a sample of 4 components.

Intersoft X – the intuitive and user-friendly operating software

An ultra-optimised UX and UI for simplified application.
(UX = user experience UI = user interface)
With Intersoft X, you will control the full power of your puriFlash® purification systems when operating it with your fingertips or a stylus pen.

K.I.S.S. software (Keep Intelligence Simple, Smart)
This intuitive and intelligent software has been thought out in detail for extremely easy application and to guarantee working comfort every day. Create your method from A to Z on a single page: choose the solvent, the column, the injection mode, prepare the elution. Everything is there! And, follow your purifications on the dedicated page.

Remote monitoring
Benefit from remote monitoring so that you can take a look at your purification  at any time.

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