Katanax X-600 X-Fluxer

Katanax X-600 X-Fluxer®

6 Position Electric Fusion Fluxer

The Katanax X-600 Fluxer from Environmental Express (formerly part of SPEX SamplePrep) is the next step in electrical fusion equipment and was developed with the most demanding laboratory in mind. As such, the X-600 excels in quality, speed and robustness. It boasts new, improved features that ensure unparalleled results.

The X-600 prepares 6 samples per run and 24 to 30 samples per hour and is used to prepare glass beads for the XRF and/or solutions for ICP. Changing from glass beads to solutions is quick and easy.

10 unique features

  • The heating elements are inaccessible to flux because they are sealed in a cartridge placed in the back wall;
  • Each element is individually controlled and automatically compensated so the temperature uniformity per sample is very good. Even over time there is no drift in temperature;
  • When a heating element breaks down, the other elements automatically compensate, even during the run. Work can continue with the system until the element is replaced;
  • No separate transformer is required. As a result, the X-600 requires less space and makes much less noise;
  • Very short warm-up time of less than 15 minutes;
  • The unit is intrinsically so safe that it does not require a second thermocouple;
  • The holders for Crucibles and Molds are fully ceramic and have no moving parts; therefore, no contamination from corrosion of metal parts;
  • The discharge of vapors is through 6 ventilation ports which greatly reduces the chance of deposits that can then lead to contamination;
  • The 7.1 in. Industrial Grade color Touchsceen with intuitive software uses icons for easy operation;
  • The LED backlight indicates whether the system is hot (red) or cold (blue).


Voltage: 205-250 VAC, Single Phase
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Maximum power: 4000W
Breaker: built-in (20A)
Weight 95kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 56cm x 105cm x 69cm

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