Sample Preparation

For an analysis it is important to apply proper pre-processing. Thus, we offer a wide range of specialized equipment for this purpose:

  • Cryogenic grinding – Freezer/Mill and Cryo-Blade for grinding bulk quantities of sample material
  • Electrical Fusion Fluxer
  • Geno/Grinder
  • Genolyte homogenizer
  • 1600 MiniG tissue homogenizer
  • Mixer/Mill 8000D
  • Open Digestion
  • Shatterbox
  • Ultra Pure Water System


Open Digestion

For digesting elements from samples for pretreatment for measurement with the ICP, AAS or AES, we supply a complete system from SCP Science. This system is based on the digestion of samples to which hydrochloric, nitric, aqua regia or fluoric acid(*) has been added.

With the DigiPREP digestion block, up to 72 samples are destructed at the sub-boiling level simultaneously. In the disposable DigiTUBES, the samples are weighed, supplemented with acid and these are placed in the digestion block for destruction.

Fusion Fluxer

Another method of unlocking samples is with a Fusion Fluxer. For this we supply electric Fusion Fluxers from Environmetal Express – Katanax (formerly SPEX). Both techniques are briefly outlined below.

Fusion Fluxer is a technique used to pre-process inorganic samples for analysis by X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), Inductively Couples Plasma (ICP), Atomic Absorbtion (AA) or traditional natchemical methods.

Common types of samples include cement, ores, sediment, soil, stone, ceramics, pigments, glass and even metals.

A fusion produces a small homogeneous glass write (Bead) for XRF or an acid solution for other ICP and ICP-MS.

Grinding, pulverizing

For rapid disruption of plant and animal tissue is the 2010 Geno/Grinder®. This homogenizer is also used as an Axial Extractor and for QuEChERS (acronym for Quick Easy Cheap Effective Rugged Safe and refers to a simplified analytical approach to determine residues of multiple pesticides in fruits, vegetables, among others)

The 8000D Mixer/Mill is a powerful ball mill that pulverizes hard or brittle samples until they are fine enough to analyze.

Do you have samples that cannot be ground under normal conditions or samples whose composition or structure changes due to the heat created by conventional grinding? For this we offer 2 options:

  • Freezer/Mill® – grinds up to 200 grams of sample material in a sealed polycarbonate tube in liquid nitrogen.
  • Cryo-Blade – grinds up to 1 kg of sample material using liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

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