Sample preparation

Open Digestion and Microwave Digestion

We supply a complete system from SCP Science for the digestion of elements from samples for pre-processing for measuring with the ICP, AAS or AES. This system is based on the digestion of samples to which hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia or hydrofluoric acid (*) has been added. Depending on the nature of the samples, only heating or more energy in the form of a microwave is required.

Open Digestion

With the DigiPREP Digestion block, up to 72 sub-boiling samples are digested at the same time. In the disposable DigiTUBES, the samples are weighed, supplemented with acid and placed in the digestion block for digestion.

Microwave Digestion

The rate of digestion increases if the samples are digested using microwave radiation. Certain types of samples do not open up completely with open digestion and must therefore be disposed of in any case with the aid of the microwave.

We offer the NovaWAVE microwave for this purpose. It processes samples of the same and/or different nature, because the system is based on 12 separate Dynamic Microwave Cavities.

Fusion Fluxer

Another method of digesting samples is with a Fusion Fluxer. We supply electric Fusion Fluxers from Katanax, a brand of SPEX Europe. Both techniques are briefly explained below.

Fusion Fluxer is a technique used to prepare inorganic samples for analysis with X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), Inductively Couples Plasma (ICP), Atomic Absorbtion (AA) or traditional wet-chemical methods.

Usually the following types of samples are used: cement, ores, sediment, soil, stone, ceramics, pigments, glass and even metals.

A fusion produces for XRF a small homogeneous glass bead or an acid solution for other analytical methods.

Grinding, pulverizing

For rapid disruption of plant and animal tissue is the Geno/Grinder®. This homogeniser is also used as an Axial Extractor and for QuEChERS (acronym for Quick Easy Cheap Effective Rugged Safe and refers to a simplified analytical approach to determine residues of multiple pesticides in fruit, vegetables, etc.).

The 8000D Mixer/Mill is a powerful ball mill that pulverizes hard or brittle samples until they are fine enough for analysis.

Do you have samples that cannot be ground under normal circumstances or samples whose composition or structure changes due to the heat generated by conventional grinding? SPEX Europe’s Freezer/Mill® grinds samples that are brought to cryogenic temperatures.

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