Axel Semrau

The German company Axel Semrau has grown with the development of brand-independent chromatography solutions for renowned GC and HPLC platforms. Think of LC x GC solutions and software for PALSystem autosamplers from CTC. They also represent Bruker in Germany for the Triple Quadrupole GCMS.

Axel Semrau’s solutions are available in the Benelux via Instrument Solutions. This also means that you can contact us for the Bruker Triple Quadrupole GCMS.


Workbench Solutions with PALSystem autosamplers, Chronos software platform, LCGC solutions, Workbench Solutions for Sample Preparation and analysis: 3-MCPD, FAMES, MOSH-MOAH, Glyphosate/glufosinate and AMPA, et cetera.


Workbench Solutions, Tailor-made automation solutions, combining LC and GC techniques.

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