This instrument from Alpha MOS is both electronic nose and Ultra Fast gas chromatograph and makes in one run an overall odour profile and chemical composition analysis.



  • chemical and sensory analysis in one run
  • ultra fast analysis with the same resolution and separation force as conventional GC
  • a full chromatogram within an average of 90 seconds
  • high throughput – average of 7 minutes for re-injection
  • sensitivity to low ppb, even for highly volatile components
  • reliable identification of components
  • compact with small Footprint
  • unique combination of sampling, detection and data processing makes HERACLES the most powerful and flexible electronic nose available;
  • A heat-controlled pre-concentration stage increases sensitivity;
  • liquid or Headspace injection;
  • Wide range of sampling options: manual injection, gas bags, large volume, Autosampler for vials between 10ml and 1Liter;
  • Number of sampling and enrichment options that can be linked to the Autosampler: Petri dish sampling, Thermal Desorption AutoSampler (TDAS), Flow Cell for Dynamic Measurement;
  • heating rate up to 10°/s;
  • 2 parallel columns with different polarity coupled with 2 ultra sensitive Flame Ionization Detectors (FID);
  • powerful AlphaSoft software: instrument monitoring, acquisition and integration of chromatograms, qualitative and quantitative analysis through statistical data processing and chemometry.

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