Support is the most important pillar on which our organisation is built. We strive to make the difference in the experience of our customers by:

  • Listening carefully in order to identify the real need
  • Offer what really is the best solution for the customer
  • If, unexpectedly, our solution does not turn out to be to the customer’s satisfaction, to solve this problem properly.

As the term Support can be interpreted broadly, we make it more tangible through the following classification:

Customer Service

Pricing requests, orders, complaints, returns, documents (certificates of analysis, SDS (Safety Data Sheet), documentation, manuals and terms of delivery)

Technical Service

Malfunctions, remote assistance, installation support, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, calibration, validation (installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and process qualification (PQ)).

Sales Support

Brand-independent orientation support for a solution for an analytical tool, sample preparation, calibration standards or consumables.

Sales Support 

Merkonafhankelijke ondersteuning bij oriëntatie voor een oplossing voor een analyse-instrument, monstervoorbewerking, kalibratiestandaarden of verbruiksartikelen.

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