Elektric Fusion Fluxers

Katanax®, part of Environmental Express (and formerly part of SPEX SamplePrep) since mid-2023, is the pioneer in electrical fusion. The fully automated Electric Fluxers are made to prepare glass beads (Beads) for XRF and solutions for AA and ICP. Exceptional fusion accuracy is combined with all the advantages of electrical power, speed, simplicity and robust design for both the experienced and novice user.

As a pioneer in electrical fusion, Katanax continues to lead the way. Using the very precise and accurate temperature control, methods are now even being developed with the oxidation and/or ashing in the fusion system.

Katanax X-300 fusion fluxer.

What is fusion?

Fusion is a technique used to pre-process samples for analysis with X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) or Atomic Absorbtion (AA).

It is a digestion process in which an oxidized sample is dissolved in molten flux. The most commonly used fluxes are lithium tetraborate and lithium metaborate at a temperature of 1050ºC. Other fluxes are also used depending on the type of sample.

Examples of applications include: cement, glass, catalysts, ceramics, geology, steel, fertilizer, nuclear, (precious) metals, pharmaceuticals, environment, etc.


The hot borate melt is poured into stirred beakers with dilute acid, producing a solution that can be measured directly on ICP.

Examples of applications: all oxides, sand, clay and other silica containing samples, catalysts, (precious) metals and alloys, fly ash, polymers, pharmaceuticals etc.

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