In order for your analytical instruments to work as optimally as possible, it is important that the users of the instruments are able to set them up and operate them properly and can also process the analysis data.

Instrument Solutions provides specific training, especially for Clarity Software, which we supply to control GC’s, HPLC’s, Autosamplers (PAL Systems) and combinations thereof. These training courses are provided at your location or in our demolab in Nieuwegein.

Our Service Engineers and Product Specialists provide the training.

Examples of training:

  • Clarity software from DataApex. This software controls GC’s, HPLC’s, Autosamplers and combinations thereof and processes the data.
  • Alpha Soft, software that is used to process data from the Heracles NEO e-nose of Alpha MOS.

These courses are provided for both beginners and advanced users.

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