Similar to the human tongue, the ASTREE electronic Alpha MOS sole performs a global taste assessment of a complex mixture of dissolved organic and inorganic compounds.

This instrument detects all compounds in liquid samples responsible for taste and compares different products based on their taste profile. The e-tongue not only assesses the basic flavours (sweet, bitter, sour, salt and umami), but also other aspects that determine the taste such as: metallic, sharp, astringent.

  • unique combination of sampling, detection and data processing makes the ASTREE the most powerful and flexible electronic tongue available
  • flavour measurements in a liquid matrix; analysis of liquids or dissolved solids
  • automated taste analysis using an autosampler carousel (16 or 48 positions). Reproducible rudder and measurement conditions and termperatuursettingpossibilities of the sample rack.
  • ChemFET sensor technology (chemically modified Field Effect Transistor) using potentiometry; 7 cross-selective liquid sensors that are sensitive to chemical, ionic, and neutral components responsible for taste.
  • 2 standard sets of flavour sensors available: one for food applications and one for pharmaceutical applications
  • powerful AlphaSoft software: instrument monitoring, sensor signal acquisition, qualitative and quantitative analysis through statistical data processing and chemometry.


  • reproducible and reliable taste evaluation – full and automatic sensor analysis procedure, controlled measuring conditions
  • fast – 3 minutes per sample
  • sensitive – for a wide range of flavour compounds and a detection threshold equal to or better than that of human taste

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