PAL System from CTC Analytics AG in Switzerland is the world leader in laboratory automation. Since 1985, they have been marketing innovative samplers and robots that can be found everywhere in analytical laboratories, particularly in the food industry, the environment, Life Science and pharmaceuticals.

PAL System is the world’s most widely used and successful platform for sample preparation.

The system is the basis for precise and accurate processing of gaseous and liquid samples.

Ingeniously reliable, flexible and productive!

Examples of the new PAL generation are the PAL-DHR Dual Head, PAL-LSI and the PAL-RTC.

Instrument Solutions has several years of experience with this brand through the Alpha MOS organoleptic instruments that we supply and maintain.

Through the cooperation we have with the German Axel Semrau GmbH, we provide the full range of PAL System chromatography-mass spectrometry solutions. So everything in the field of automation and optimisation of analyses, including sample preparation. This also includes, for example, barcode readers, coupling with centrifuges and analytical balances.

Do you have a 2nd generation PAL system? You can contact Instrument Solutions for expansions and replacement parts.

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