Press Release: Instrument Solutions appointed as distributor for Knauer

Knauer appoints Instrument Solutions as distributor

Instrument Solutions Benelux BV, a leading supplier of high quality laboratory equipment and solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Knauer as a distributor for the Benelux region. This appointment is a recognition of the expertise and success of Instrument Solutions Benelux BV in the scientific and industrial laboratory market.
As a distributor of Knauer, Instrument Solutions will offer Knauer’s full range of advanced laboratory instruments and accessories to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Knauer, a renowned manufacturer of analytical and preparative HPLC systems, columns and other laboratory equipment, is known for its technological innovation, reliability and customer-oriented approach.
Link to the Knauer website.

“We are thrilled and honored to be Knauer’s distribution partner for the Benelux region,” said Jan Volkers, Product Manager of Instrument Solutions. “Knauer is a well-known brand in the lab industry that develops and manufactures its products in Germany, is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. We look forward to providing our customers with innovative solutions and technical support from Knauer.”

With this new partnership, Instrument Solutions strengthens its position as a prominent supplier of laboratory solutions and offers its customers an even wider range of high-quality instruments and services.

For more information about the products and services of Instrument Solutions Benelux BV, please contact:

Jan Volkers

Sales Manager

Tel; +31 (0) 88 4678 786


Sina Saidifar

Product Specialist Chromatografie

Tel; +31 (0) 88 4678 747


Platinum Cobalt Color Standard

Drowning in water testing regulations?

Inorganic Ventures’ Platinum Cobalt Color Standard (PT-CO-500ML) is your lifeline!

Accurate, traceable standards are essential for regulatory compliance. If you don’t start with an accurately calibrated CRM, you can’t have confidence in your data.

The color of water and wastewater is often evaluated by determining the level of contaminants present and acts as a general indicator of water quality. For many years, the term “water white” was considered an adequate measurement of solvent color. Different expressions for defining “water white” were developed, making it clear that a more precise color standard is needed.

This need has been met using a colorimetric scaling method that measures the yellow tint in liquids compared to a qualified reference solution. Using UV/Vis spectroscopy, rather than a visual comparison, allows an analyst to more accurately and precisely determine present impurities, which is necessary for virtually colorless samples. Therefore, it is essential that the quality of the reference materials used match the high-quality performance of UV/Vis spectroscopy.

The use of the accurate starting materials (potassium chloroplatinate/cobalt chloride hexahydrate) required by the ASTM method, combined with Inorganic Ventures’ NIST traceable instrument verification methods, ensures credible, repeatable and reliable results.

While different approaches exist in the market for formulating and certifying Pt-Co color standards, the IV product starts with the right materials, follows the prescribed method and backs it up with chemical expertise, integrity and support. Here’s how you can stay afloat as water testing methods evolve.

Platinum Cobalt Color Standard - item number: PT-CO-500ML
Analyteµg/mLMethodNIST SRM#
Platina Cobalt Color Units500 CUNominal (from ASTM D1209-05 method and standard method 2120C)N/A *
Cobalt, Co250ICP Assay3113
Platinum, Pt500ICP Assay3140

*Measured absorbance data determined using a spectrophotometer verified with NIST SRM 2034 and NIST SRM 931h for wavelength and absorbance are provided on the Certificate or Analysis. *Absorbance data obtained using an optical glass cell with a 50mm path length per Standard Methods 2120C and ASTM D1209-05-05.

Other advantages:

Other Benefits:

  • Lot to lot consistency and guaranteed stability
  • Eliminates the time of preparing 500 CU in-house
  • Traceable to NIST
  • Second source available upon request
  • Packaged in our TCT which offers up to 5-year shelf life and eliminates concerns about shipping and storage

Alternative for Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders in the laboratory or workshop involve risks. Think of gas cylinders that leak with the risk of explosion as a result. And, depending on the type of gas, could potentially cause asphyxiation. In addition, moving can sometimes be a difficult and dangerous undertaking. In fact, having high-pressure cylinder bottles near your employees is an undesirable situation. Finally, there are measures that must be taken to comply with the regulations for gas cylinders.

Fortunately, there is an alternative, namely gas generators. Advantages of this compared to gas bottles are:

  • No explosion hazard
  • Easy to move
  • They don’t run out and don’t need to be replaced
  • Consistent gas purity
  • Economically beneficial

A gas generator only supplies gas when your instrument asks for it. If your instrument is on standby or turned off, the generator will not generate any gas. In the situation that an instrument has to be moved, the generator can be moved more easily. So no hassle to re-install the piping.

Nothing is more annoying if you no longer have spare gas bottles when a gas bottle runs out. It can just happen that there are delivery problems or employees have forgotten to check the gas bottles, resulting in an empty gas bottle. A generator will not run out and will continue to generate gas and will not need to be disconnected.

Perhaps the most important reason for your analysis is consistent gas purity. A gas generator supplies a constant quality of gas, while the purity of gas from a bottle can differ per bottle. That is undesirable for your instrument and analysis results.

The price of gas cylinders is increasing every year. Gas is becoming more expensive and its supply costs are increasing.

Investing in a gas generator has a payback period of approximately 6 to 12 months. This of course depends on your situation.

Instrument Solutions represents Claind Gas Generators and Purifiers. With over 40 years of experience, their gas generators provide a safer and economical way to supply clean gases. Claind’s generators generate pure Hydrogen (H2), Nitrogen (N2) or pure air (O2) for GC, LC-MS, TOC and many other applications.

If you think that gas generators can replace your gas bottles, but you want to know what is possible for your specific situation, our specialists Sina Saidifar and Jan Volkers can advise you without obligation.

Laborama 2022, May 19 and 20

For the Belgian market, this normally annual Expo is the meeting place for the laboratory industry. After an absence of 2 years due to the Corona pandemic, this event is fortunately back on the agenda!

Instrument Solutions participates as an exhibitor at Laborama Expo that takes place in Brussels on May 19 and 20, 2022.

Where? Brussels Expo – Hall 1 – Belgium

Meet us at booth C26

What to expect at our booth:

  • Discover the capabilities of the Electronic Nose, Tongue and Eye from Alpha MOS
  • BWB’s flame photometer that measures all 5 elements Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Barium in one analysis
  • Inorganic Calibration Standards from Inorganic Ventures
  • ICP-OES and ICP-MS accessories and consumables from Glass Expansion
    HPLC systems from Ecom
  • Cryogenic grinding with the Freezer Mill, GenoGrinder bead-beater and Katanax electric Fusion Fluxer from SPEX SamplePrep
  • CRM for UV-VIS spectrometry from Starna
  • Evoqua Ultra Pure Water systems


Webinar MultiVIEW

Now meet the MultiVIEW microwave oven. With 12 individually controllable microwaves, each with its own IR temperature sensor, this microwave is unique in its kind. This system is ideally suited for both R&D and High Throughput lab.

On April 7 from 15:00 – 15:40 our Product Manager Jeroen van Boxtel together with Art Ross from SCP Science will show you live the MultiVIEW in action.

Do you regularly have samples of different kinds or large series?
If you have to deal with different types of samples for which you want to apply different protocols, then this MultiVIEW might be interesting for you. You can set the temperature course for each sample separately. The screenshot below shows how this looks on the screen. This also applies to large series of samples. In combination with 4 AutoLOADER Units it is possible to unlock up to 300 samples in succession.

Need more information?
Link to product page | Link to brochure
If you have questions about this webinar or about the MultiVIEW, feel free to call us at +31 (0) 88 46 78 786

Would you like to participate?

Please fill in the following form:

Registration Form Webinar MultiVIEW, April 7, 2022, 3:00 p.m.

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Webinars on sensory properties of plastic packaging and cosmetics

Consumers are very critical when it comes to the sensory properties of plastic packaging and cosmetic products. Think, for example, of plastic bottles for drinking water and the smell of creams. Producers anticipate this as much as possible by matching their products as closely as possible to the scent preferences of the consumer.

For this purpose, they work with scent panels to randomly test products on scent and visual attractiveness.

However, there are limitations to panel surveys:

  • Hundreds of test persons are needed for a representative study
  • A human being can do a limited amount of testing; after a while, noise appears in the data, even in sensory-trained persons
  • It is not possible to compare data from surveys over time

Our partner Alpha MOS is specialised in instrumental solutions that analyse the sensory profile of plastic packaging and cosmetics, among other products. A scent profile is made of the products and special software is used to correlate it with the consumer’s preferences. In this way, the instrument can learn what the consumer likes and dislikes. Reversed engineering is also possible to analyse competing products.


Alpha MOS is organising 4 webinars to give you insight into how you can easily optimise the sensory characteristics of your products with E-Nose and E-Tongue. Below you can read the topics and dates for the webinars. Register via the buttons below!

Subject: ‘Plastic Packaging’


  • Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 14:00h
  • Thursday 1st April 2021 at 14:00h

Subject: ‘Cosmetics’


  • Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 14:00h
  • Thursday 8th April 2021 at 14:0oh
PFA C-Flow Nebulizer

New PFA C-Flow s-type Nebulizer

Savillex has launched a new generation C-Flow s-type series of PFA Nebulizers. These are specially designed for ICP-MS analysis of semiconductors and similar demanding low volume ICP-MS analyses. The s-type uniquely combines the sensitivity and excellent washout of a Nebulizer with integrated suction line with the versatility and ease of a demountable Nebulizer.

The C-Flow s-type introduces a new inner design that significantly improves the Nebulizer efficiency  and provides unmatched sensitivity.

Compared to all other PFA concentric Nebulizers, the sensitivity is 10% higher in normal plasma and 15% higher in cool plasma.

Each s-type Nebulizer features a demountable uptake line that is attached to the Nebulizer via a zero dead volume connector. If the uptake line ever gets damaged, it can easily be replaced; there is no need to replace the Nebulizer itself. Competitive demountable Nebulizers often suffer from reduced washout as a result of carry-over.  This is not the case with the C-Flow s-type and is just as good as Nebulizers with integrated uptake line.