Gas generators

Whatever analysis technique you use, gas generators give you the best results for applications that require high purity gases, such as hydrogen, nitrogen and Zero Air. Claind gas generators are a good alternative to conventional gas supplies such as compressed and liquid gas bottles and cylinders.


  • gas chromatography
  • LC-MS
  • Thermal analyses
  • sample preparation

Claind logoCClaind Brezza serielaind, Italy, is a manufacturer and market leader in the sale of gas generators.

The Brezza is a modular system that consists of hydrogen, nitrogen and Zero Air generators and gas cleaners.

Brezza – laboratory gas generators grow with your lab.

HyGen – hydrogen generator

  • available in three models for gas flow from 200-400-600 Nml/min
  • thanks to its guaranteed high purity (>99.9995%), HyGen can be used as a gas supply for both detectors and carrier gas (up to 15 FIDs or up to 4 S/S GCs + FID)
  • suitable for Fast GC thanks to the high pressure (up to 8 bar) at which the hydrogen is delivered.
  • equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell, certified by Proton Energy Systems.
  • extreme safety is guaranteed by innovative Controller Software that can be connected to the CPU or PC for remote control.
  • for extended periods of time without interruptions in operation
  • filling of removable water tank is very easy


NiGen GC – nitrogen generator

  • delivers 500 Nml/min with a purity of > 99.9995%.
  • available as a standard version and as a HC version that removes 100% of the hydrocarbons (< 0.1 ppm for applications with high-sensitive detectors)
  • the high purity nitrogen is guaranteed by the PSA system with the exclusive CLAIND “Fast Purity” patent
  • supplies up to 12 FIDs/NPDs or up to 7 ECDs or 5 S/S with nitrogen
  • high-quality device at a competitive price
  • has a facility for integration with a compressed air compressor


Air Gen GC – Zero Air generator

  • delivers 3000 Nml/min, complete with dryer and catalytic reactor for removal of hydrocarbons > 0.1 ppm
  • very clean air guaranteed by the exclusive CLAIND PSA system (-50°C building point)
  • supplies up to 8 FIDs/NPDs with clean air
  • efficient Palladium-Platina HC system for referring HCTs < 0.1 ppm for an absolutely stable and fault-free baseline.
  • high-quality device at a competitive price
  • has a facility for integration with a compressed air compressor

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