Generators are increasingly used as an alternative to conventional gas supplies. This means that gas bottles in a laboratory and copper pipes through the building are a thing of the past!


Clainds gas generators supply high quality gases for various applications;

  • GC
  • LC-MS
  • Thermal analyses
  • Sample preparation

Claind logoCClaind Brezza serielain

d, Italy, is a manufacturer and market leader in the sale of gas generators.

The Brezza is a modular system that consists of hydrogen, nitrogen and Zero Air generators and gas cleaners.

Brezza – laboratory gas generators grow with your lab.

HyGen – hydrogen generator

  • available in three models for gas flow from 200-400-600 Nml/min
  • thanks to its guaranteed high purity (>99.9995%), HyGen can be used as a gas supply for both detectors and carrier gas (up to 15 FIDs or up to 4 S/S GCs + FID)
  • suitable for Fast GC thanks to the high pressure (up to 8 bar) at which the hydrogen is delivered.
  • equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell, certified by Proton Energy Systems.
  • extreme safety is guaranteed by innovative Controller Software that can be connected to the CPU or PC for remote control.
  • for extended periods of time without interruptions in operation
  • filling of removable water tank is very easy


NiGen GC – nitrogen generator

  • delivers 500 Nml/min with a purity of > 99.9995%.
  • available as a standard version and as a HC version that removes 100% of the hydrocarbons (< 0.1 ppm for applications with high-sensitive detectors)
  • the high purity nitrogen is guaranteed by the PSA system with the exclusive CLAIND “Fast Purity” patent
  • supplies up to 12 FIDs/NPDs or up to 7 ECDs or 5 S/S with nitrogen
  • high-quality device at a competitive price
  • has a facility for integration with a compressed air compressor


Air Gen GC – Zero Air generator

  • delivers 3000 Nml/min, complete with dryer and catalytic reactor for removal of hydrocarbons > 0.1 ppm
  • very clean air guaranteed by the exclusive CLAIND PSA system (-50°C building point)
  • supplies up to 8 FIDs/NPDs with clean air
  • efficient Palladium-Platina HC system for referring HCTs < 0.1 ppm for an absolutely stable and fault-free baseline.
  • high-quality device at a competitive price
  • has a facility for integration with a compressed air compressor


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