PAL RSI – robust workhorse

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The PAL RSI is the robust workhorse for analytical labs. It is the cost-effective solution for labs that need robustness and uncompromising performance.
Scientists and lab technicians have to deal with time pressure and some an enormous amount of work. The reliability of Hardware and Software shouldn’t be something the user should be worried about. It is simply expected of every tool.

That’s exactly what the PAL RSI was designed for. It is a tool you can rely on. More than 40,000 PAL systems worldwide are proof of this. Every PAL RSI that leaves the factory has undergone a thorough robustness test.
The PAL RSI is a flexible tool. Its open and modular architecture makes it the most versatile system on the market. Tools can be changed within minutes.
PAL users working with GC love the ability to use liquid, Headspace or SPME Sampling on the same system. LC customers appreciate the PAL for its enormous sample capacity and the variety of syringes and valves available.

The PAL RSI is a safe investment; if the sampler no longer meets the requirements, modules with additional functionality can easily be added. It is even possible to upgrade to the full functionality of an RTC at any time.

Summary features of the PAL RSI:

  • very high sample capacity – achieved through changes in the design of the Sample Trays
  • faster injection – exclusion of volatile components is prevented
  • new Vortex mixer for automatic mixing and homogenisation of samples
  • many options available, which simplifies the composition of the optimum configuration
  • The easy-to-use CHRONOS Master Software ensures optimal control and integration of the chromatography system.
  • Our partner Axel Semrau has developed an interface called CHRONECT, which makes the PAL series in combination with the CHRONOS Software an ideal combination.

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