UV-Vis Spectrometer

Jenway is a brand of Cole Parmer and offers four ranges of visible and UV/Vis spectrophotometers ranging from entry-level Single Beam, Split-Beam with a spectral bandwidth of 1.5nm and a more advanced Variable Double Beam spectrophotometer with a spectral bandwidth up to 0.5nm.

UV and Visible spectrophotometry is one of the most widely used techniques in analytical science. Procedures using this method are important for analytical, clinical, and research laboratories, and have an intensive application in a Quality Assurance environment. The technique is fundamentally accurate and precise, but it is essential to regularly check the instrument’s performance to ensure it is still within stated specifications. If necessary, measures can then be taken if it appears that the measurement results are outside the limits.

We offer simple Single Beam UV-Vis spectrometers from Jenway. Every instrument is tested by a product specialist before installation to ensure that it can be used directly in your lab.

In the overview below you can find the right model based on the desired properties.

Model Visible UV Scanning Single beam Split beam
6300 + +
6305 + + +
Genova Plus + + + +
Genova Nano + + + +
7300 + +
7305 + + +
7310 + + +
7315 + + + +
6700 + + +
6705 + + + +
6715 + + + +

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