Inorganic Ventures makes packaging more sustainable

A step towards sustainability: IV changes packaging!

Did you know that Inorganic Ventures packed nearly 150,000 bottles by 2022? As part of their commitment to continuous improvement, we have introduced a new process to increase efficiency and be more environmentally conscious.
From 1 September 2023, bottles will no longer be sealed with plastic thermal tape on each cap.

In the past, adding thermally sealed seals was a good way to prove adulteration, but since the introduction of Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) many years ago, this process has become redundant.

The heat-resistant tape does not add any additional protection to the solution. The caps are tightened with an ISO 17025-calibrated torque spanner that ensures the solution is completely sealed and leak-proof during transport. TCT adds an extra layer of protection and thus manipulation prevention.

Remember, the best thing about TCT is that CRMs retain their scientific integrity for up to five years after the production date. The product may be stored in the TCT bag for up to four years and then for up to one year after the product is removed from the packaging.

This change will be applied to all lots manufactured after 1 September 2023. Rest assured, this change will not affect the integrity or quality of our products. As always, IV’s products come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Instrument Solutions at LABNL 2023 trade show

On 26, 27 and 28 September 2023, the laboratory trade show LABNL will take place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Here you will find the latest technologies, solutions and tools for the laboratory.

A rock-solid conference programme covers topics of interest to every lab worker. Think lab optimisation, detection and separation techniques and innovations in life sciences. Renowned Prof Erik Scherder will give the Key note presentation on the opening day.

Meet Instrument Solutions and its sister company SALM & KIPP on the exhibition floor in Hall 7, stand number is 7B007.


  • What can you expect at our stand?

    Sample pre-preparation

  • Scoop! Cryo-Blade™ – The new Cole-Parmer CG-900 Cryo-Blade™ cryogenic grinder has an ultra-high capacity for grinding and processing sample material of up to 1 kg. Thanks to the homogeneous grinding of the sample, only 1g is needed as a representative test sample of a 1kg ground batch. read more.This Cryo-Blade is a great addition to the successful Freezer Mill, which grinds samples up to 200g.
  • DigiPREP heating block – This system is particularly suitable for unlocking your samples with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia and hydrofluoric acid(*).

ICP Analysis

  • Inorganic Ventures – top quality inorganic standards, both stock and custom-made standards. New are ready-to-use reagents for the Discrete Analyzer (100% satisfaction guarantee).
  • Glass Expansion – top accessories and consumables for your ICP-OES and/or ICP-MS


Ready-to-use reagents for Discrete Analyzer

Say goodbye to DIY with ready-to-use reagents for discrete analysers! Until now, pre-mixed reagents have not been offered in a sustainable, reliable way. Through extensive research and development, Inorganic Ventures has created the perfect alternative to in-house reagents. These products require no preparation time, improving your efficiency and minimising errors.

Besides saving time, these reagents offer method flexibility, batch-to-batch consistency and comprehensive stability data.

As always, these products are packaged in Inorganic Ventures’ Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) for protection from light and you can have them in your home within 2 weeks.

EPA or standard methods for which reagents are available: (*)

  • Chloride (Cl-) Method – Standard Method 4500-Cl-E, EPA Method 325.2
  • Phosphate (PO4-3) Method – Standard Method 4500-PO4-3E
  • Sulfate (SO4-2) Method – Standard Method 4500-SO4-2E, EPA Method 375.4 – Sulfate, Turbidimetric, ASTM D516-11 – Standard Test Method for Sulfate Ion in Water, ISO 15923-1 – Water Quality- Determination of Selected Parameters by Discrete Analysis Systems – Part 1: Ammonium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Chloride, Orthophosphate, Sulphate and Silicate with Photometric Detection
  • Ammonia (NH3) Method – ISO 15923-1, ISO 7150/1, EPA Method 350.1, Standard Methods 4500-NH3 F

(*) Keep an eye on our website. The range of reagents will be further expanded this year!

Shelf life
As this is a new product, producer Inorganic Ventures is conducting rolling stability studies. The shelf life is now at 9 months because the study is now 9 months in progress. During the study, every three months the stability is extended by three months until the maximum shelf life is reached, which is not clear at the moment.

Not sure if these reagents are suitable for your laboratory? Below we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions with our answer. You can request free samples at the bottom of this page!








Win back time and increase your lab’s efficiency with ready-to-use reagents! FAQs


1. For which instruments are the discrete analysis reagents designed?

Our discrete reagents can be used on the following instruments:

2. I am using a segmented flow analyser. Are the reagents of your discrete analyzer compatible with this instrument?

The reagents for discrete analysers can work on your segmented flow analyser. Please refer to the Method Chemistry Sheets (links above) for each product for detailed product composition. Please contact us directly with any questions.

3. Does shipment to or through locations with hot temperatures cause stability problems with the reagents?

Our stability studies have shown that some reagents can be sensitive to heat. All our products undergo transport stability to ensure that temporary exposure to heat does not affect product performance. At this time, we recommend refrigerated storage of discrete analytical reagents until our stability studies are completed and storage recommendations on the product coAs are reviewed.

4. Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) extends the shelf life of Inorganic Ventures’ standards by up to five years. Do the Discrete Analyzer Reagents have the same five-year shelf life?

Unfortunately no. Our standards have a chemical stability of 5 years and the TCT pouch ensures that the concentration does not change due to perspiration. The discrete analytical reagents are still being tested for chemical stability and we are currently using the TCT pouch to protect against light. Currently, all our discrete reagents have a shelf life of 9 months and we will adjust the shelf life every 3 months for the duration of stability testing.

5. The 500ml volume is not suitable for my testing needs. Does Inorganic Ventures offer other bottle sizes?

Whether you need a custom volume size or a unique formulation, we are happy to work with you to meet your needs. To get started, contact us!

6. I am not sure if I am really saving time and money by switching from reagents made in my lab to ready-made reagents from Inorganic Ventures. How do I know for sure?

Schedule an appointment with our Product Manager Jeroen van Boxtel and we’ll walk you through your individual time and money savings! We have a savings calculator ready and you can take the findings to your team.

7. My standard operating procedure (SOP) is very complex. I am not sure if I can easily add new reagents to the workflow. Can you help?

No problem! Inorganic Ventures’ technicians specialise in SOP development and implementation. Make an appointment through us with one of these chemists for technical support to discuss your specific SOP requirements.

8. I am following alternative methods on my discrete analyser, are there other methods available?

We are launching more reagents for discrete analysers in the coming months! The next ones – Ammonia. Alkalinity, Hardness, Chromium and more to follow. Let us know which ones you are looking for!


Mail us


Press Release: Instrument Solutions appointed as distributor for Knauer

Knauer appoints Instrument Solutions as distributor

Instrument Solutions Benelux BV, a leading supplier of high quality laboratory equipment and solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Knauer as a distributor for the Benelux region. This appointment is a recognition of the expertise and success of Instrument Solutions Benelux BV in the scientific and industrial laboratory market.
As a distributor of Knauer, Instrument Solutions will offer Knauer’s full range of advanced laboratory instruments and accessories to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Knauer, a renowned manufacturer of analytical and preparative HPLC systems, columns and other laboratory equipment, is known for its technological innovation, reliability and customer-oriented approach.
Link to the Knauer website.

“We are thrilled and honored to be Knauer’s distribution partner for the Benelux region,” said Jan Volkers, Product Manager of Instrument Solutions. “Knauer is a well-known brand in the lab industry that develops and manufactures its products in Germany, is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. We look forward to providing our customers with innovative solutions and technical support from Knauer.”

With this new partnership, Instrument Solutions strengthens its position as a prominent supplier of laboratory solutions and offers its customers an even wider range of high-quality instruments and services.

For more information about the products and services of Instrument Solutions Benelux BV, please contact:

Jan Volkers

Sales Manager

Tel; +31 (0) 88 4678 786


Sina Saidifar

Product Specialist Chromatografie

Tel; +31 (0) 88 4678 747


Platinum Cobalt Color Standard

Drowning in water testing regulations?

Inorganic Ventures’ Platinum Cobalt Color Standard (PT-CO-500ML) is your lifeline!

Accurate, traceable standards are essential for regulatory compliance. If you don’t start with an accurately calibrated CRM, you can’t have confidence in your data.

The color of water and wastewater is often evaluated by determining the level of contaminants present and acts as a general indicator of water quality. For many years, the term “water white” was considered an adequate measurement of solvent color. Different expressions for defining “water white” were developed, making it clear that a more precise color standard is needed.

This need has been met using a colorimetric scaling method that measures the yellow tint in liquids compared to a qualified reference solution. Using UV/Vis spectroscopy, rather than a visual comparison, allows an analyst to more accurately and precisely determine present impurities, which is necessary for virtually colorless samples. Therefore, it is essential that the quality of the reference materials used match the high-quality performance of UV/Vis spectroscopy.

The use of the accurate starting materials (potassium chloroplatinate/cobalt chloride hexahydrate) required by the ASTM method, combined with Inorganic Ventures’ NIST traceable instrument verification methods, ensures credible, repeatable and reliable results.

While different approaches exist in the market for formulating and certifying Pt-Co color standards, the IV product starts with the right materials, follows the prescribed method and backs it up with chemical expertise, integrity and support. Here’s how you can stay afloat as water testing methods evolve.

Platinum Cobalt Color Standard - item number: PT-CO-500ML
Analyteµg/mLMethodNIST SRM#
Platina Cobalt Color Units500 CUNominal (from ASTM D1209-05 method and standard method 2120C)N/A *
Cobalt, Co250ICP Assay3113
Platinum, Pt500ICP Assay3140

*Measured absorbance data determined using a spectrophotometer verified with NIST SRM 2034 and NIST SRM 931h for wavelength and absorbance are provided on the Certificate or Analysis. *Absorbance data obtained using an optical glass cell with a 50mm path length per Standard Methods 2120C and ASTM D1209-05-05.

Other advantages:

Other Benefits:

  • Lot to lot consistency and guaranteed stability
  • Eliminates the time of preparing 500 CU in-house
  • Traceable to NIST
  • Second source available upon request
  • Packaged in our TCT which offers up to 5-year shelf life and eliminates concerns about shipping and storage

Thanks for your visit!

Thank you for visiting WoTS 2022!

Thank you very much for visiting our booth during WoTS 2022 in Utrecht. It was good to meet you live (again)! We can look back on a pleasant and successful exhibition with a lot of interest in our laboratory products and with many positive conversations!

Kind regards on behalf of the sisters,

Team Instrument Solutions Benelux & SALM AND KIPP

Prijswinnaars ‘Hoeveel muisjes zitten er in maatkolf’ actie WoTS beurs

Prijswinnaars ‘Hoeveel muisjes zitten er in maatkolf’ actie WoTS beurs

Deze week vindt de WoTS beurs 2022 plaats in Utrecht. Op onze stand hebben we samen met ons zuster bedrijf SALM EN KIPP een leuke actie bedacht waarbij op iedere beursdag 3 taarten voor de afdeling kunnen worden verdiend!

Wat de bezoeker daarvoor moet doen is raden hoeveel muisjes er in de maatkolf van 2 liter zitten.

Degenen die het dichtst in de buurt komen van het werkelijk aantal muisjes zijn de winnaars. Per dag zijn er 3 winnaars en die worden na iedere beursdag hieronder vermeld. De winnaars kunnen een taart verwachten die binnenkort persoonlijk zal worden afgeleverd door een van onze collega’s!

Winnaars 27-9-2022

  • Joyce Welten
  • Ivonne van den Berg
  • Rob van Anraad

Winnaars 28-9-2022

  • Kim van Bergen
  • Martin Elmers
  • Marloes Kamphuis

Winnaars 29-9-2022

  • Suzanne Stoop
  • S. Dekker
  • Siete Brouwer

Winnaar 30-9-2022

  • Evelien Akerboom
  • Tristan Havinga
  • Marjolein de Hart


Custom Inorganic Standards 5 years Shelf Life

Custom Multi Element inorganic standards now have a certified shelf life of up to 5 years through Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) from Inorganic Ventures. With TCT, concerns about storage and transport conditions of standards are eliminated. This saves the lab money and simplifies research by eliminating the need to constantly monitor stock levels and reorder CRMs.

Last year Inorganic Ventures already introduced the TCT technology for inorganic Stock standards. So now this technology is also available for inorganic Custom standards.

Thanks to TCT, your custom standard can always be in stock.


Last year Inorganic Ventures already introduced the TCT technology for inorganic Stock standards. So now this technology is also available for inorganic Custom standards.


Transpiration refers to the wall of bottle allowing water vapor to pass through and/or through evaporation from the closed bottle opening. It leads to increase in the concentration of the CRM/RM.

Transpiration Control Technology extends the shelf life of the product. Inorganic Ventures uses a specially aluminized bag that prevents an increase in concentration until the bag is opened. The sealed TCT bag stops the loss of water vapor from the bottle when equilibrium is reached in the bag. So it is the same high quality product as you have come to expect from them, but even more improved.

To explain the problem and the technology of the solution, Inorganic Ventures has developed a series of animations explaining the frustrations surrounding perspiration. This series is by chemists for chemists.

The latest animation is called “I’m just a Custom Standard“:

Alternative for Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders in the laboratory or workshop involve risks. Think of gas cylinders that leak with the risk of explosion as a result. And, depending on the type of gas, could potentially cause asphyxiation. In addition, moving can sometimes be a difficult and dangerous undertaking. In fact, having high-pressure cylinder bottles near your employees is an undesirable situation. Finally, there are measures that must be taken to comply with the regulations for gas cylinders.

Fortunately, there is an alternative, namely gas generators. Advantages of this compared to gas bottles are:

  • No explosion hazard
  • Easy to move
  • They don’t run out and don’t need to be replaced
  • Consistent gas purity
  • Economically beneficial

A gas generator only supplies gas when your instrument asks for it. If your instrument is on standby or turned off, the generator will not generate any gas. In the situation that an instrument has to be moved, the generator can be moved more easily. So no hassle to re-install the piping.

Nothing is more annoying if you no longer have spare gas bottles when a gas bottle runs out. It can just happen that there are delivery problems or employees have forgotten to check the gas bottles, resulting in an empty gas bottle. A generator will not run out and will continue to generate gas and will not need to be disconnected.

Perhaps the most important reason for your analysis is consistent gas purity. A gas generator supplies a constant quality of gas, while the purity of gas from a bottle can differ per bottle. That is undesirable for your instrument and analysis results.

The price of gas cylinders is increasing every year. Gas is becoming more expensive and its supply costs are increasing.

Investing in a gas generator has a payback period of approximately 6 to 12 months. This of course depends on your situation.

Instrument Solutions represents Claind Gas Generators and Purifiers. With over 40 years of experience, their gas generators provide a safer and economical way to supply clean gases. Claind’s generators generate pure Hydrogen (H2), Nitrogen (N2) or pure air (O2) for GC, LC-MS, TOC and many other applications.

If you think that gas generators can replace your gas bottles, but you want to know what is possible for your specific situation, our specialists Sina Saidifar and Jan Volkers can advise you without obligation.

pH buffers speciaal voor USP<791>

Bent u werkzaam in de farmaceutische industrie én verantwoordelijk voor het onderhoud van de ijking van de pH-meter(s) in overeenstemming met USP <791>? CRM’s van Inorganic Ventures bieden vertrouwen, zekerheid en support!

De pH buffers van Inorganic Ventures zijn NIST-traceerbaar en vervaardigd en getest volgens ISO 17034 en ISO 17025 richtlijnen. Elke standaard gaat vergezeld van een gedetailleerd analysecertificaat (CoA), met gecertificeerde waarden voor meerdere temperaturen. Bovendien zijn deze oplossingen geformuleerd om te voldoen aan USP <791> specificaties en zijn direct uit de fles klaar voor gebruik.

Eigenschappen van pH buffers:

  • NIST-herleidbare standaarden, gecertificeerd binnen 5% van de nominale waarden en bijbehorende onzekerheden van niet meer dan 0,05 pH-eenheden.
  • Verpakt in Transpiration Control Technologie (TCT), die de wetenschappelijke integriteit garandeert tot 5 jaar vanaf de datum van productie.
  • Klaar voor gebruik zonder voorbereiding nodig.

Wij bieden een complete lijn van pH ijkstandaarden standaarden, geschikt voor ijking zoals zoals gespecificeerd in USP <791>:

  • pH-1.68
  • pH-4.01
  • pH-6.86
  • pH-9.18
  • pH-10.01
  • pH-12.45 *

* Om de stabiliteit van de oplossing te waarborgen, is pH 12,45 geformuleerd met behulp van KCl/NaOH.

Hebt u een specifieke pH-waarde of formulering nodig die hierboven niet wordt vermeld?

Inorganic Ventures heeft de wetenschappelijke expertise om formules te verfijnen en aan uw specifieke behoeften te voldoen.
Neem gewoon contact met ons op voor een aangepaste offerte of voor meer informatie over onze volledige pH buffer stock standaarden.