For gas chromatography (and coupled mass spectrometry) we offer gas chromatographs from Scion Instruments, Bruker, and in collaboration with our partners Axel Semrau and SIM we advise and supply fully automated analysis systems.  Think of analysis of FAME, PAKs, MOSH and MOAH, 3-MCPD etc.

We also supply peripherals, consumables and training for the GCs.

  • Gas generators from Claind
  • Vials and Caps
  • Gas filters from SGT
  • Syringes, liners and septa from SGE
  • Standards from Spex CertiPrep
  • GC columns from GS-Tek and SGE
  • Data processing software Clarity from DataApex and training of this software
  • GC courses from Avans+

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