Say goodbye to “DIY” with ready-to-use reagents for Discrete Analysers! Until now, pre-mixed reagents have not been offered in a sustainable, reliable way. Through extensive research and development, Inorganic Ventures has created the perfect alternative to in-house reagents.

These products require no preparation time, improving your efficiency and minimising errors. Besides saving time, our reagents offer method flexibility, lot-to-lot consistency and comprehensive stability data. As always, these products are packaged in Inorganic Ventures’

Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) to protect against light and can be delivered within 2 weeks. Not sure if these reagents are suitable for your laboratory? You can find answers to frequently asked questions here.

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Increase your efficiency and minimise errors by simplifying your analysis with Inorganic Ventures’ Discrete Analyser Reagents, designed for environmental studies. To ensure the reliability of your results, the methods used in Inorganic Ventures Discrete Analyzers use known enzymatic and colorimetric compounds optimised for the established result levels in international reference methods such as US EPA, ISO, DIN, ASTM and other standards.

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