XRF Sample Cups and Thin-Film Sample Support


XRF Sample Cups

XRF Sample Cups and Thin-Film Sample Support Windows are the basic requirements for collecting and analyzing samples for XRF spectroscopy. In a nutshell, the procedure seems relatively simple. Attach a thin film to the end of a new Sample Cup, insert the sample into the cup and place it in an X-ray machine for element analysis. In a simple world where there is only one X-ray instrument with one size XRF Sample Cup Holder and sample containing only one relevant element, the process would be simple. However, that is not reality. There are countless manufacturers of XRF instruments, each with their own specific type and size of samples, cup holders, multiple relevant elements in different concentrations, environmental conditions and so on. It is for these reasons that no universal XRF Sample Cup and type and thickness of the Thin-Film Sample Support Window will suffice.Chemplex_sample-cups-series-1300_2

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