DataApex from Prague, Czech Republic, has been developing and producing chromatography data stations (hardware & software) for almost all brands of chromatographs on the market under the Clarity brand name since 1991. Instrument Solutions is a Premium Partner of DataApex in the Benelux and is authorized to provide Clarity Software training.

The product line of Clarity chromatography datastations consists of software and hardware solutions for data acquisition and for assessing and presenting chromatography data of almost every brand of chromatograph on the market.


  • Clarity: the most extensive version. Functions: data acquisition of multiple instruments, direct control of GC’s, LC’s and autosamplers. Extensions are possible to advanced options, such as support for 21 CFR Part 11. This makes Clarity suitable for laboratories with high demands on efficiency, high sample throughput and GLP standards.
  • Clarity Lite: a simplified version of Clarity that allows data acquisition from one chromatograph (up to 4 detectors sharing a common timeline). With a reduced range of possibilities, this is a low-cost solution for labs in an unregulated environment.
  • Hardware: different types of A/D Converters for data acquisition of detectors with an analogue signal output, Control Boards for controlling LC, etc.

In addition, additional packages are available with specific solutions, think of:

  • Validation Kit with an accurate peak generator and methods for validating chromatography systems.
  • Clarity2Go; with which certain parameters can be monitored remotely from a smartphone. The use of this is free for all customers with a Clarity station.


DataApex has a driver available for more than 600 brands and types of chromatographs (GC’s, HPLC’s, Autosamplers etc) that can be controlled with the Clarity software.

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Updates to purchased licenses are always free of charge

Drivers are available for more than 600 brands and types of GCs and HPLCs.

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