Chromatography is indispensable in an analytical laboratory. Today it is still one of the leading analytical techniques, whether or not linked to mass spectrometry.

We offer a wide range of instruments, peripherals, consumables, software, knowledge and skills; from GC’s and GC-MS, HPLC, Autosamplers of PAL System (CTC), gas generators, gas filters to vials and columns.

A trend is to automate sample preparation steps and analyses. If you want to automate your complex sample preparation steps, you have come to the right place. With the smart CHRONOS Workbench solutions from Axel Semrau, such as MOSH-MOAH, 3-MCPD and FAME analysis, we supply ready-to-use analysis systems. These solutions are driven by CHRONOS® Software, the ideal platform for the CTC PAL and integrates seamlessly with data systems such as ChemStation™, Masshunter or Xcalibur™.

In addition to exchanging information with other systems, CHRONOS manages entire processes and optimises individual steps in the process with intelligent Time Management, resulting in a significant improvement in system throughput.

All products can be maintained by our own Technical Support department.

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