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Optimize is a US manufacturer that develops solutions to make working with the HPLC, UHPLC and LCMS more user-friendly, cost-effective and reliable. The solutions are suitable for the main brands of HPLC systems on the market.

On this page you will find information about the Optimax Check Valve system and underneath Optilynx Quick Couplings. This allows you to replace columns, guards and filters in no time at all.


Optimax Check Valve System

Check valves are a crucial component of the HPLC. A well-functioning check valve goes almost unnoticed, while a malfunctioning one can lead to baseline noise, pressure fluctuations and inconsistent flow.

With the Optimax check valve system you can replace check valves faster, cheaper and easier than ever before. Increase the uptime of your HPLC system with less risk of leakage.

Optimax check valves overview

The Opti-Max® Free-Turn® housing can be removed while the tubing remains connected. Check valve maintenance is thus faster and wear and tear of the fitting is reduced.

One type of cartridge works in both the inlet and outlet positions. Suitable for all HPLC systems. It is very simple:


Cost savings

A single cartridge operates in both inlet and outlet positions. And that for most brands of HPLCs on the market. With some cartridges in stock, you are well prepared to replace check valves if necessary. The service life of the tubes, fittings and the seal of the check valve is considerably extended because they are not loaded when replacing check valves.


Optimize makes check valves as responsive as possible. Each set of ball and seat is individually tuned to ensure a lock-and-key fit. In the nitrogen bubble test, the industry standard test, 12 air bubbles per minute is generally acceptable. Optimax, however, scores 3 bubbles per minute.


The end caps of the check valves are made of PEEK. This ensures a maximum service life and a seal that can withstand high pressure and the effects of temperature changes. Therefore, no additional seals are required for installation, which significantly reduces the risk of leakage.


For large mechanical forces, stainless steel cartridges are the best choice. Ceramic ball & seat sets have a higher density which makes the valve more responsive and makes the ball/seat faster in light solvents. Use PEEK cartridges with ceramic balls & Seats for HPLC systems with nonmetallic flow path that are biocompatible or contain high levels of THF.

Both mentioned cartridge materials are also available with ball & seat combinations of ruby and sapphire.

Optilynx Shortcuts

With Optilynx shortcuts you can replace columns, Guards, stair columns, in-line and front-column filters in literally no time at all.

Operation in 4 steps:

OptiLynx quick connect

Literally change columns in a jiffy.
The OptiLynx Quick-Connect system improves the uptime of your HPLC. You can quickly and easily replace analytical HPLC columns without the need for tools. The tubing remains attached, so that the risk of leakage is also greatly reduced.
In no time at all, you can also replace other consumables that occur in the flow system, such as Guard and Stair columns, in-line and front column filters.
The system is based on the bayonet connection. A convenient, secure and fast way to make or disconnect a connection, without the use of tools.


  • Tubing does not need to be disconnected, which significantly reduces the risk of leakage.
  • Quartz turn connection, suitable for up to 6000 psi
  • low volume/low dispersion interface for volume critical applications
  • True Zero-Dead volume connection
  • no tools required


Exchange column

By attaching the Opti-Lynx universal door adapters to the columns, they can be changed quickly. This simple column switch is easy to install and there is no need to purchase expensive high-pressure valves.

Changing from Guard column to filter
For one method you need a filter and for the other method you need a Guard column. no problem. Choose the right insert, connect it with the right pipe holder and you can continue working. The only tools you need are your fingers.

Switching the flowpad

If you want to divert the flow path efficiently, the Opti-Lynx In-Line Kit is your solution. Connect one line with a Cap Holder and create extra bayonet connector for each matching tube connection. Changing the flowpad becomes an easy task.

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