Katanax X-300 Fusion Fluxer

Katanax X-300 fusion fluxer.

Katanax X-300 Fusion Fluxer

The X-300 Fusion Fluxer is the latest revolution in electrical fusion equipment developed by the pioneers in electrical fusion at Katanax:

  • High throughput, up to 15 samples per hour
  • Modularly expandable to three positions
  • Safe, electric so no combustion gases or gas leaks
  • Accurate due to Dynamic Temperature Profile (DTP). This patented system ensures that temperature is and remains uniform over three positions. As a result, results are more reproducible and precise
  • Reliable, designed for 24/7 use
  • Simple, touch screen with intuitive software with icons

This versatile multi-position fluxer comes with 1, 2 or 3 positions. As needed, a 1 or 2 position system can be expanded later.

Heavy Duty, Compact & Safe. It’s the Fusion Fluxer that expands with your needs.

The X-300 is used to make glass beads for the XRF. Fast and easy switching between beads and solutions.

Benefits of the X-300:

  • Insensitive to flux and other additives
  • Robust and non-brittle; unit can be moved without damaging the elements
  • Automatic power calibration ensures uniform position to position temperature
  • Cartridge type is easy to replace; no conditioning procedures not required
  • Elements can be replaced individually; no need to replace them all at once
  • Individual element compensation; allows uninterrupted operation even if one element fails
  • Dynamic Temperature Profile (DTP) control for even temperature
  • Oven heats up quickly
  • Use of ceramic eliminates metal contamination
  • Configurable for single, double or triple position
  • Low noise level during standby, heating, melting and cooling
  • No external power supplies required; no power cabinet or coolants
  • Industrial PLC interface; does not depend on Windows updates
  • Single-phase power supply; no 3-phase
  • Ambient status light; red when processing, blue when complete

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