Silent compact Air Compressor AirComp200

Claind, Italian manufacturer of gas generators since 1979, has launched a new compact air compressor. It has the power of an industrial compressor, but made it suitable for the laboratory.

The compressor delivers 180 Nl/minute of ultra dry oil-free compressed air suitable for feeding all nitrogen generators. Also suitable for general use.

For the lab a low noise level is important and the AirComp 200 is therefore quiet (< 58 dB). For years Claind has identified the most important wishes of laboratory users and integrated these into the AirComp 200. This makes the AirComp 200 unique!

Lowest noise level in the market

A pleasantly compact, aesthetic compressor that can be placed under the lab table. Ideal for the laboratory.

The AirComp 200 has a high production capacity (180 Nl/minute at 8.5 bar). Depending on the desired flow, the speed is automatically controlled so that in most situations only a small part of the capacity is used. The effect of this is:

  • a low electricity consumption;
  • Reduced engine load resulting in longer compressor life;
  • that it is low-maintenance thanks to the variable speed and low temperature that is released.

A built-in membrane dryer provides ultra dry air (Outlet Dew Point -60°C).

Lastly, the AirComp 200 is remotely controllable from the PC or smartphone and Operating parameters can be monitored in real time.


Flow Rate180Nl/min (210 l/min FAD) @ 7 bar
Technologies employedOil free SCROLL compressor with Universal Power Supply and Electronic Speed Control
Output pressure6 ÷ 9,5 bar
Air output characteristicsParticulate = 0,01 mmm, Moisture=  -60°C dew point ATP @ 9,5bar 50Nl/min
Electrical Supply230 Vac ± 10%, 50/60, Hz 2,5kW
Index of protectionIP20
Noise Minimum: 54 dBA    Medium: 58 dBA
Operating temperature5°C – 40°C
Environmental HumidityMax 90% without condensation
Max AltitudeTested up to 2000 m from the sea level
DimensionsHeight: 79,5cm, Width: 68cm,  Depth: 83cm, Weight: 148kg
Pneumatic ConnectionsPurified Air Output: G 1/2” female




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