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New PFA C-Flow s-type Nebulizer

Savillex has launched a new generation C-Flow s-type series of PFA Nebulizers. These are specially designed for ICP-MS analysis of semiconductors and similar demanding low volume ICP-MS analyses. The s-type uniquely combines the sensitivity and excellent washout of a Nebulizer with integrated suction line with the versatility and ease of a demountable Nebulizer. The C-Flow […]

Genolyte® – nieuwe multifunctionele homogeniser & cellyser

Deze multifunctionele homogeniser & cellyser van SPEX Europe  is ideaal voor het homogeniseren van een klein aantal monsters in vials (6 x 2mL, 4 x 5mL, 2 x 7mL en 1 x 12mL). De Genolyte maakt een oscillerende beweging met een hoge intensiteit. Deze beweging in combinatie met een snelheid, die instelbaar is tussen de 750 en 4000 […]

Live Webinars for Food Analytics

Our partner Axel Semrau has organized a series of Live webinars which you can attend about the latest developments in the field of MCPD/GE analyses, MOSH/MOAH analyses and about the new possibilities to mix standards with CHRONECT Multimix. Program MCPD webinar:  Method A Unilever method automated  Method B 3in1 automated at -22°C: yes, […]

Status deliveries and service in relation to Corona virus

Dear customer, Because of the coronavirus outbreak we live in a time with many questions. It affects us all. More than ever before, it is important for your organisation to be able to guarantee continuity as much as possible, so that your contribution to our economy does not disappear. We remain at your service, you […]

Silent compact Air Compressor AirComp200

Claind, Italian manufacturer of gas generators since 1979, has launched a new compact air compressor. It has the power of an industrial compressor, but made it suitable for the laboratory. The compressor delivers 180 Nl/minute of ultra dry oil-free compressed air suitable for feeding all nitrogen generators. Also suitable for general use. For the lab […]

Freezer Mill ideal for modified RoHS regulations

The RoHS Directive is an EU directive for the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic products. RoHS is an abbreviation of Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Until recently, this directive listed 6 heavy metals that could be restricted in products by manufacturers of these devices. Four phthalates have now been added to these heavy metals for […]

New – HydraMist Spray Chamber

Improve measurement sensitivity of elements such as Sb, Se, Tl and Hg by a factor of 10 The HydraMist of Glass-Expansion is a sensitive, simple-to-use spray chamber for Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) that allows simultaneous operation of both conventional pneumatic nebulization and cold-vapor/hydride generation. Cold vapor generation can provide more than 10-fold improvement in sensitivity […]

SeaSpray Nebulizer for ICP

The SeaSpray Nebulizer of Glass Expansion is the best choice when samples contain high concentrations of dissolved solids. Seawater, brine and platinum baths are just a few examples of SeaSpray applications. However, it is not recommended if samples contain large particles or HF. The SeaSpray nebulizer produces the finest aerosol particles, increasing sensitivity. SeaSpray Nebulizer […]