8530 Shatterbox®

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The 8530 Shatterbox® is a ring & puck mill with a sound-proof enclosure that grinds up to 100 grams of samples to a fine analytical powder. Ideal for pulverizing dry, brittle samples and slurry grinding. It swings a dish-shaped grinding container, with a puck and (often) a ring inside, in a tight high speed circle.

Typical samples include: cement, soil, ceramics, snails, rocks, minerals, ores, medicines, sulphur granules and dried plant material.


  • 8507R Multiple-Sample Rack allows the processing of three smaller samples;
  • Swings a dish-shaped grinding jar with a puck, and often a ring, into a small circle at high speed;
  • Electronic timer with LCD display and environmentally friendly membrane switch with push button. Adjustable up to 10 minutes;
  • Cam-action lever requires only moderate hand pressure to secure the grinding dish in the Shatterbox and is adjustable for containers of different heights;
  • Equipped with lockable casters enable easy movement of the mill and a safety locking system for user protection;
  • Grinds samples between 2-100 grams;
  • Most popular “Swivel Mill” in America, capable of grinding up to 100 grams of brittle material to an analytical fineness;
  • Soundproof housing reduces the noise level;
  • The typical grinding time is two minutes or less;
  • Wide range of grinding jars available, including hardened steel, tungsten carbide, alumina ceramics and zirconium ceramics.

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