Shelf life standards up to four years

Standards of Inorganic Ventures have always had a certified shelf life of one year. With new technology it is now possible to store stock standards for ICP-OES, ICP-MS and AAS for up to 4 years without changing the concentration. These 4 years start when a batch is produced. It is therefore not the case that these can be kept for another 4 years when you receive the standard. However, they strive to deliver stock standards that have a shelf life of at least two years when they are delivered to the customer. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Of course, we still guarantee a shelf life of at least one year.

Background; what is transpiration?

Transpiration refers to the wall of a bottle that allows water vapour to pass through and/or through evaporation from the closed bottle opening. It leads to an increase in the concentration of the CRM/RM.

The solution

Transpiration Control Technology extends the shelf life of the product. Inorganic Ventures uses a special aluminized bag that prevents an increase in concentration until the bag is opened. The sealed TCT bag stops the loss of water vapour from the bottle when equilibrium is reached in the bag. So it’s the same high Inorganic Ventures TCT zakkenquality product as you’ve come to expect from them, but even more improved.

TCT is an investment by Inorganic Ventures that extends the shelf life of the stock standards and gives you more control over your standards without it costing you extra. The unconditional guarantee of the products remains the same.

What does this mean for you?

Stock standards that you receive from now on will be packed in a TCT bag. In the sealed bag, the stock standard is certified for four years. When you open the bag, the standard is certified for one year. After receiving the product, you keep the bag closed until you start using it. The bag states how long you can use the product before it expires.

You can find the full explanation on the Inorganic Ventures website.


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