AZURA® Analytical HPLC & UHPLC

The analytical HPLC, ULDC and UHPLC systems of the KNAUER AZURA® liquid chromatography instruments are designed to support and facilitate your work. Whether you perform routine analyses or demanding separation tasks, the AZURA systems are the right instrument to meet your analytical challenges. Choose between different gradient formation technologies and maximum flow rates to find the best configuration for your task.

Let your application define your system solution.


  • Isocratic binary high pressure gradient pump (HPG) or quaternary low pressure gradient pump (LPG)
  • Pump heads with flow up to 10 ml/min at 862 bar or 1240 bar up to 2 ml/min
  • Automatic sampler with 0.1 μl sample aspiration at up to 1240 bar without sample loss
  • Choice of highly sensitive UVD, MWD, DAD or RID detectors with intelligent temperature control
  • Wide range of flow cells available, including remote-controlled cells
  • High-pressure stainless steel capillary connections “K-Connect” (hand-tightenable)
  • Extensive safety features such as leak management and sensors
  • Detector lamp and pump head accessible through front panel making maintenance easy to perform

Gradiënt HPLC

Advantages and disadvantages of HPG (High Pressure Gradient) and LPG (Low Pressure Gradient)

HPG (Binaire HPG-pomp)LPG (Quaternary LPG pump)
Small gradient delay volumeLarger gradient delay volume
Fast methodsFor classical HPLC methods: no difference.
For UHPLC: slower gradients.
Only binary gradients possibleTernary and quaternary gradients possible
2 pumps to be maintainedOnly 1 pump, but shorter maintenance
Schematische weergave HPG en LPG

AZURA® Pump P 6.1L

Choose your HPLC pump based on what you need for your application. Gradient formation, mixing valve size and pulsation compensation have a big influence in this choice.
Choose between pump heads with flow of 10 ml/min and 700 bar back pressure, or pump heads with flow of 5 ml/min and 1000 bar back pressure. Special pumpheads for normal-phase applications help to pump even demanding eluents such as heptane or hexane stably. Pumps without degasser offer an economical alternative.


AZURA pomp filter

Protects the column from contamination


Piston Seal Wash

Cleans the rear piston area for longer seal life.


Solvent selection valve

is integrated into each binary HPG pump. Each channel can be used with two different solvents.


2- of 4-channel online degasser

Eliminates gas bubbles and reduces baseline noise, resulting in higher sensitivity.

AZURA® Pump P 8.1L

The company’s new flagship product is the 1240-bar UHPLC pump P 8.1L. Its patented advanced piston drive technology delivers unmatched precision and stability in performance. With its unique mechanical solution and improved drive movements, the P 8.1L has flow and residual pulsation accuracy superior to most competitive UHPLC pumps.

KNAUER is a well-known manufacturer of analytical HPLC systems with decades of experience in the design and production of double-piston pumps. Their hardware and software engineers, scientists and application specialists continuously improve the performance and durability of KNAUER HPLC pumps. The patented UHPLC pump mechanism of the P 8.1L is a milestone in these efforts.


  • Maximum press pressure up to 124 MPa/1240 bar for ultra high-speed and high-resolution applications
  • Variable piston motion for low base signal
  • Adaptive pulsation compensation independent of flow, back pressure and type of elution fluid
  • Microfluidic mixer for high mixing efficiency
  • Real-time adjustment of eluent compressibility prevents user errors
  • Automatic flushing for seamless switching between methods
  • Unmodified footprint for easy integration into existing AZURA systemsK

To develop the P 8.1L, all crucial components were completely redesigned, and some traditions had to be abandoned. The patented high-precision drive on which it is based uses advanced piston drive technology. KNAUER took an approach to create a unique mechanical solution and improved movements, opening up new possibilities for controlling the accuracy of eluent dosing. The innovative design of the drive enables individual control for each piston over all relevant parameters, such as stroke length, acceleration and speed. The level of manufacturing precision results in extraordinary robustness of the drive.

To allow complete control over piston movement, KNAUER had to modify the pump head design in favor of a single-piston pump head. The patented drive ensures perfect linear motion of each piston, resulting in extremely low pulsation and unmatched piston seal life. An additional pressure sensor between the two pump heads allows monitoring of the pre-compression phase and adjustment to eluent-sampling pressures.

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