Scion 8500-GC

The Scion 8300 GC is the successor to the Varian GCs and the Scion 436 GC.SCION 8300 GC
2-channel architecture supporting 2 injectors, 1 detector and MS.

Main features:

  • Very compact model, only 32cm wide, 61cm deep and 57cm high; therefore takes up little space on the lab table.
  • 10″ color touchscreen – easy operation and status overview.
  • Packed, S/SL, PTV, COC, Flash and PWOC injectors or taps.
  • Back flush option possible.
  • High pressure injection ports for applications from 0 – 10 Bar
  • Compact oven with fast heat-up and cool-down speed
  • Possible with cryogenic oven, from -185 to 450 °C.
  • Up to 24 temperature programs can be set
  • FID, TCD, ECD, NPD (TSD), PFPD, PDHID, SQ-MS and TQ-MS detectors.

More specifications can be found via the link below;

The Scion 8500 GC is the bigger brother of the Scion 8300 GC, with the option of 3 injection ports and 4 detectors (including MS). For more information on the 8500 GC, our other GC and GC-MS and Scion Instruments capabilities, please visit the links below.

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