Instrument validation with NIST traceable glass & liquid references

starna_sci_banner139Starna® is market leader in the development and production of Certified Reference Material (CRM) for UV, Visible and Near Infrared photometer applications. All CRM’s are produced according to ISO 17025 & ISO Guide 34 in the Starna UKAS accredited laboratory.

  • Starna’s CRMs meet all the current requirements of the current international regulations for UV, Visible and Near Infrared spectrophotometer instruments.
  • Glass filter CRMs are produced to the strict standards set by National Metrology Institutes.
  • All liquid references are heat-sealed, eliminating pollution and leakage problems.
  • A lifetime warranty covers all Starna UKAS certified references provided that the CRMs are recertified at least every two years.
  • Recalibration is guaranteed within 6 working days.

Starna Demountable Mico-Volume (DMV) Bio Cell

Designed for laboratories that want to perform low-volume determinations of nucleic acids or proteins without investing in a special instrument for this purpose. The Starna® DMV-Bio Cell is compatible with all major UV-Visible spectrophotometers without compromising accuracy or reproducibility.

The Starna ‘Demountable Micro-Volume (DMV) Bio Cell uses advanced precision techniques and materials and a patented optical system that ensures that sufficient energy is available to measure a low volume sample accurately and reproducibly, and over a wide absorption range. This elegant solution to a classic problem has resulted in a cell that fits into all standard cell holders.

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