AZURA® preparative HPLC systems.

Scalable and customizable LC purification

The general purpose of preparative chromatography is to isolate, purify and collect your target compounds. Preparative applications are often initially performed at the analytical level and must be scaled up. Depending on the desired scale, the requirements for a preparative system differ in terms of eluent supply, sample injection, column and detection.

KNAUER adapts its systems to meet your chromatography, scale-up and purification challenges. Benefit from our experience in preparative chromatography. AZURA® preparative LC systems are the perfect solution for frequently changing separation tasks – from milligram to kilogram scale. Design your preparative HPLC system based on your needs and combine flexibility and reliability. PreparativeLC systems are tailor-made for you.

Configure the best possible system for your purification workflow of peptides, oligonucleotides, RNA, cannabis and many other API with the industry-leading AZURA preparative HPLC platform.

Custom purification

Configure your prep HPLC system from injection to detection and choose between different materials, flow rates, valves and detectors. The flexible design of our devices allows you to easily replace parts such as pump heads or flow cells and integrate all components of the compact into the pilot scale system.

AZURA® Prep LC systems can be used for special separation modes such as peak recycling and stacked injections. We will help you configure your system and choose the best software.

Purification strategy

Prioritize purity, throughput or yield?

HPLC purifications must always consider the dependencies between throughput, purity and yield. Whichever priority you choose, AZURA preparative systems allow you to adapt successfully.

Flexible instrument control

In addition to direct tablet operation with Mobile Control, the AZURA Preparative HPLC supports various chromatography data systems:

  • PurityChrom®, the specialized and highly flexible purification CDS from KNAUER
  • Chromeleon™, the popular CDS from Thermo-Fisher in version 7.2
  • OpenLAB® EZChrom Edition, the well-known chromatography data system from Agilent.
  • ClarityChrom®, KNAUER’s CDS with multiple expansion options (MS, FRC, PDA, SST, SEC).
  • Semipreparative xylitol purification.

Xylitol is used as a sweetener in the food industry and is generated by chemical conversion of xylose into xylitol. Here, xylitol was purified from fermentation mash from microbial xylose conversion. The AZURA RID 2.1L refractive index detector was used for this semi-preparative purification in combination with the polymer-based Eurokat Ca column.

Flexibility and high-performance with modular components:

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