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BWB Technologies is an American, British company dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of flame photometers. Production is based in Newbury, United Kingdom.

Continually pushing the bounderies of flame photometry


BWB has redefined the capabilities of the flame photometer. With unparalleled accuracy, low cost and ease of use, the BWB flame photometer is not only the best flame photometer currently available, but also the first true alternative to AAS (atomic absorption spectrometry) and ICP (induced clutch plasma) for measuring Lithium (Li), Sodium (Na) Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca) and Barium (Ba).


The BWB XP is the first and only 5-channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of all 5 of the above mentioned elements. A Dedicated flame photometer has been developed for every application, such as a flame photometer for clinical applications, sugar, wine, Syn Fuels etc.

The flame photometers are delivered ready to use. This is how the air compressor is built into the flame photometer.

Just add gas

ISO accreditations
Flame-photometers and Auto Samplers are produced under strict ISO protocols.

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