SZ-100 Nano Partica Analyzer


Horiba Scientific‘s SZ100 series of Nano Partica Analyzers is a flexible analytical tool for characterizing the physical properties of nanoparticles. Depending on the configuration and application, the system can be used as a particle size analyzer, but also as a zetapotential, molecular weight (MV) and Second Virial coefficient (A2) analyzer.

Typical applications are: nanoparticles, colloids, emulsions and submicron suspensions.

Particle size analysis

The Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) technique is used for particle size analysis. Depending on the physical properties of the sample, the range is between 0.3nm and 8µm. The lower limit is influenced by: the concentration, how much the sample scatters light and the presence of large, unwanted particles. The lower limit is influenced by the density of the sample, since the Dynamic Light Scattering is formed from the Brownian Movement and not by sedimentation by gravity.


The charge on the surface of the particles is characterized by the SZ-100 by measuring the zetapotential of a suspension. The sample is injected into a disposable cuvette and the zetapotential is calculated from the measured electrophoretic mobility of the particles. The zetapotential of the sample is usually used as an indicator of dispersion stability. A high zetapotential value indicates that the sample remains electrostatically stabilized. The zetapotential is often measured as a function of the pH or other chemical change to help formulators to create new products with a long shelf life.

Conversely, conditions are identified where the zetapotential is zero. The sample is then at the iso-electric point. This is the ideal condition to flocculate and separate particles.

Second Virial Coefficient

The same instrument can also be used to determine the molecular weight and Second Virial coefficient of proteins, polymers and other molecules. The user prepares different solutions with known concentrations and then uses the system in a Static Light Scattering mode to create a Debye Plot that results in a calculation of both MW and A2.

  • Particle size, zetapotential, molecular weight and Second Virial coefficient all in one instrument
  • Wide range of particle sizes and concentrations
  • Particle size measurements at both 90° and 173°
  • Multiple settings for measuring small particles and weak scatterers
  • Small volume cuvettes for both particle size and zetapotential

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