The Robotic EasyPREP Analyser performs the sample preparation and analysis of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Consumption, also known as BOD, cBOD and DO analysis) fully automatically. It is also possible to perform a combination of cBOD and BOD analysis at the same time. This is to check whether deviating BOD results are due to nitrification and to obtain results that reflect the actual effluent quality under nitrifying conditions.

EasyPREPBOD is an environmental analyzer for sample preparation and analysis of BOD. With three peristaltic pumps for liquid handling, the BOD Seed adds inhibitor, nitrification inhibitor and dilution water to the sample.

The low-maintenance dissolved oxygen (DO) electrode with optical or membrane technology features a stirrer that keeps the sample homogeneous and accelerates the electrode equilibrium for DO measurements. The software manages the first to the last DO measurement of the sample and the BOD calculations.

The EasyPREP BOD works with an optical or membrane electrode. The optical electrode requires no maintenance and does not need to be refilled with electrolyte. The Optical electrode is also characterized by a stable response and minimal drift.

Available in 2 models:

The EasyPREPis available as BOD-200 and BOD-300. The BOD-300 automatically removes the stoppers from the bottles and puts them back again. The BOD-300 also processes more bottles per run (72 300mL bottles and 96 165mL bottles). Moreover, the BOD-300 moves faster.

EasyPREP BOD-200

The BOD-200 works with a membrane or an optical probe. The optical probe requires no maintenance or refilling of membrane electrolyte and is characterized by its stable response, minimal drift and fewer single-point calibrations.

It offers complete process automation;

  • Automated addition of seed and inhibitor
  • Automated sample dilution
  • Automated sample homogenisation
  • Automated data acquisition, calculation and storage

EasyPREP BOD-300

Differences compared to model BOD-200:

  • The BOD-300 opens and closes the BOD bottles automatically.
  • Handles more bottles per run (72 pieces 300mL bottles and 96 pieces 165mL bottles).
  • Moves the BOD-300 faster

Full process automation offers:

  • Automated addition of Seed and Inhibitor
  • Automated sample dilution
  • Automated sample homogenisation
  • Automated data acquisition, calculation and storage

Other characteristics:

  • Optional for incubation periods of 5, 7 or 20 days
  • Suitable for reusable glass and/or disposable bottles of 300 ml and glass reusable bottles of 165 or 60 ml.
  • Barcoding option provides sample, bottle and rack tracking throughout the process
  • Automatic washing station prevents cross contamination
  • User-friendly software, compatible with LIMS
  • Meets laboratory standards: ISO 5815-1, EN-1899-1, EN-1899-2, EN-5814 (2012), EPA 405.1

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