8000D Mixer/Mill® – High Energy Ball Mill

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The 8000D Mixer/Mill of SPEX SamplePrep is a powerful ball mill that pulverizes hard or brittle samples until they are fine enough for analysis.

The sample is placed in a Grinding Vial with one or more balls after which it is shaken vigorously. The clamp containing the Grinding Vial moves back and forth with a short lateral movement in the form of an 8, producing large G-forces. These are needed to pulverize the hardest stones, snails and ceramics. The steel housing and robust construction ensures a long service life of heavy work.

  • Timer adjustable up to 100 minutes.
  • Electric motor with shock absorption so that it is suitable for on a table.
  • The clamp swings 5.9cm back and forth with a short lateral movement in the form of an 8
  • A safety locking system protects the Operator
  • In the event of a mechanical failure, the grinder switches off (by means of a vibration detection switch).

Because breaking up is hard to do…

Specificaties SPEX 8000D Mixer/Mill
Capacity clamp
2 standard vials or two adapters for several small vials
Speed clamp875 cycles per minute @ 50Hz, 230V. 1060 cycles per minute also possible with
interchangeable pulley which is supplied as standard.
Sample size per vialup to 10mL (about 10 grams) for grinding hard samples and up to 50mL for blending powders or mixing emulsions.
Dimensions, L x B x H (cm)
64 x 54 x 36


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