A new category in microwave digestion.

The NovaWAVE is a fully automated SCP Science digestion tunnel that works with 12 dynamic Microwave Cavities.
What is unique is that each of these Microwave Cavities can be controlled separately. A temperature-controlled method can therefore be assigned to each sample individually. The NovaWAVE SA (Stand Alone) can be extended to the Novawave FA (Fully Automated). This FA has an automated digestion tunnel and Transporter and automatically digests, cools and vent up to 168 samples.

Unique features

  • 12 microwave cavities and 12 dedicated IR temperature sensors
  • independent temperature control, monitoring and control per sample
  • digests different matrices simultaneously with the same method
  • up to 12 different methods in one run
  • Overpressure protection by certified safety caps
  • digests 1 to 168 samples per run; activates only the cavities with sample
  • intuitive software control through the built-in Linux touch screen interface
  • to be used with 50ml or 75ml quartz or teflon vessels


MiniWAVE is a compact microwave digestion system that consists of a Touch Screen Controller and a microwave module that can be expanded up to 4 microwave modules. These are connected to each other. Each module simultaneously digests up to 6 samples in 75mL PFA Teflon or Quartz vessels. When using 2 or more modules, it is possible to process completely different sample types per module, each with its own sample-specific conditions.

An IR sensor tracks the temperature of each vessel. A centrally placed 1000Watt microwave provides the same microwave energy at every spot in the chamber. With this unique design, the microwave energy is distributed evenly over the digestion chamber, providing reproducible results from sample to sample. Ideal for environmental, agricultural, petroleum, geological, food and biological samples.

Available applications:

Type of Industry Application Notes
Academia Microwave Digestion of Bovine Liver (NIST Certified Reference Material)
Academia Microwave Digestion of Peach Leaves (NIST Certified Reference Material)
Academia The purpose of this study is to show the leachability of the quartz digestion vessels in a NovaWAVE digestion system The vessels were manufactured and annealed prior to testing
Cosmetics Microwave digestion of TiO2
Environmental Microwave Digestion of Sludges and Waste Sater for TKN determination
Environmental Microwave Digestion of Waste Water Samples
Environmental Microwave Digestion of used oil
Environmental Microwave Digestion of Sea Washed Sand
Environmental Microwave Digestion of Soil Sample
Food Microwave Digestion of Food Samples
Food Microwave Digestion of Beef spiked with TiO2
Food Microwave Digestion of Hg in oyster tissue
Food Microwave Digestion of Rice
Food Microwave Digestion of Milk for TKN determination
Food Microwave Digestion of different food groups like high fat products, proteins, vegetables and milk base products
Food Microwave Digestion of Fatty Acid
Jewelry Microwave Digestion of Tibetan silver (children’s metal jewelry)
Metal & Alloy Microwave Digestion of Nickel Alloy
Mining Microwave Digestion of Powdered Metal Sample
Mining Microwave Digestion of Alumina Powder and Diamond Disks
Petroleum Microwave Digestion of gasoline with doped oil multi-element standard
Petroleum Microwave Digestion of Conostan Oil S-21 Standard
Pharmaceutical Microwave Digestion of over-the-counter Analgesic Pill
Polymer Microwave digestion of CRM polyethylene
Polymer Microwave Digestion of Polypropylene Plastic
Textiles Microwave Digestion system of paint chips (SCP SCIENCE Certified Reference Materials)

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