DigiPREP system for open digestion

scp-scienceThe DigiPREP of SCP Science is a teflon coated graphite block with a uniform heating by means of a mat. The block is equipped with a varying number of sample positions in which polypropylene sample tubes are placed.

This system is particularly suitable for access with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, aqua regia and hydrofluoric acid (*). For 50ml tubes, DigiPREP expansion blocks with 24, 48 -and 72 positions are available. The 100mL version is available in 12, 30 and 42 positions and the 15mL version is available in 108 and 40 positions.

Unique to this system is that it is controlled to the sample temperature using a probe in a reference sample, the DigiPROBE. This results in a highly controlled and accurately adjustable digestion temperature that is preferably set at sub boiling point level. This accurately controlled temperature also preserves volatile elements such as Hg and Ashes. In addition, this temperature control can be used to control violent reactions.

The temperature programs can also be set and logged with the software program Go2Temp.

Digesting takes place in the 15 ml, 50 ml, or 100 ml DigiTUBES containing watch glasses or unscrewed screw caps. These single-use digestion tubes are made of high purity ‘virgin’ polypropylene that contains an ultra-low level of metal contaminants. With DigiFILTERs you can filter the exposed samples.


  • Class A certified; filling up to 15mL, 50mL and 100mL respectively in the DigiTUBE.
  • DigiTUBES are clean
  • No risk of contamination by single use


  • Simple controller (KeyPad)
  • Advanced Controller (Colour TouchScreen)
  • Temperature traceable software Go2Temp; suitable for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and laboratories for which traceability and logging of temperature processes is important.

Go2Temp software

This software provides for, among other things:

  • Display of the temperature progression Data logging
  • Probe Calibration
  • User levels
  • Possibility to scale up to 16 blocks

Optionally a ‘scheduler’ can be used to plan a run. With Add On modules it is also possible to extend the first license to control up to 16 DigiPREP access blocks from one PC.

Each block then has its own tab in the overview screen of the software.

(*) Destruction with hydrofluoric acid is done in teflon tubes as polypropylene is not resistant to it.

Examples of screen shots:

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    Temperature Traceable Software

    For ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and laboratories where traceability and logging of temperature processes is important, control with the Go2Temp software is the solution.

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