Genolyte® Homogeniser & Cell Lyser

Genolyte® – small, powerful and compact

This multifunctional homogeniser & cellyser from SPEX is ideal for homogenising a small number of vials (6 x 2mL, 4 x 5mL, 2 x 7mL and 1 x 12mL). Speed is adjustable from 750 to 4000 RPM. The Genolyte oscillates with high intensity and homogenizes samples within seconds.

Ideal for sample preparation for DNA/RNA and protein extractions. Suitable for plant material, seeds, animal tissue, bacteria, yeast, faeces and soil.

The Genolyte is also capable of mixing powders and pulverizing stone into a fine powder for element analysis.


  • Interchangeable vial holder for vials 2 mL to 12 mL; (6 x 2mL, 4 x 5mL, 2 x 7mL and 1 x 12mL)
  • High-intensity oscillating motion homogenizes samples in seconds
  • Programmable control panel includes speed, run time and pause functions
  • Four speeds over the 750-4000 RPM range for low speed mixing to high speed homogenization for difficult samples
  • The safety latch stops the motor if the cover is opened during the homogenization process
  • Clear viewing window in lid for viewing the sample during the homogenisation process.

Vial holder for 6 x 2mL vials, Article number 1210

Vial holder for 4 x 5mL vials, Article number 1211

Vial holder for 2 x 7mL vials, Article number 1213

Vial holder for 1 x 12mL vial, Article number 1218

SPEX SamplePrep’s pre-filled 2 mL Lysis vials are designed for a wide range of samples. They are pre-filled with molecular-biological grade silica beads, acid washed silica or zirconium beads, grenade or steel balls. They are the ideal solution for quick and easy set-up, reducing sample preparation and clean-up time.

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