Geno/Grinder® – Automated Tissue Homogenizer and Cell Lyser

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The Geno/Grinder® of SPEX SamplePrep is a high throughput plant and animal tissue homogeniser that can hold up to 6 Deep-Well titer plates and 16 centrifuge tubes. It is specifically designed for rapid cell disruption. Kryotech® accessores are available to store temperature-sensitive samples. This grinder is also recognised as an excellent automatic Axial Extractor and is ideal for QuEChERS.


  • LCD display shows full running time and remaining time in minutes and seconds.
  • Designed for powerful up-and-down shaking of Deep-Well titer platesvials and centrifuge tubes.
  • Height-adjustable clamp with release button securely locks vials or titer plates of different sizes. In the sealing cap there is a safety switch that stops the engine when the cap is opened during grinding.
  • Unique, rigorous vertical movement of 500-1750 strokes per minute provides a direct impact on the sample at each stroke.
  • Usually the grinding takes 1-2 minutes.

Grinding Media

Grinding media helps to mix and homogenize the samples. Beads are available in 3 qualities: molecular biology, low binding and acid washed. Different materials are available: stainless steel, silica, zirconium and ceramics. Tool for the QuEChERS method is ceramic cylinders.


Tissue homogenisation, DNA/RNA research and extraction, Cell Lysis, Pesticide Residue Extraction, protein extraction, Biofuel research and QuEChERS.

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