LA-960 Laser Diffraction Analyzer


Horiba Scientific‘s LA-960 Laser Diffraction Analyser has a dynamic measuring range between 10nm and 3000µm ‘wet’. This with a precision of 0.10% and an accuracy of 0.6%!

Due to the design of the optics, the LA960 delivers superior performance in the nanometre and millimetre area for both sensitivity and measuring range. Challenge us!

This measures the actual particle size and the measured values are not generated by mathematical extrapolation. An additional advantage of the high sensitivity is that little sample is needed for the analysis.

Horiba Scientific gives the LA960 a dynamic measuring range for dry measurements from 10nm to 5000µm (previously up to 3000µm).

Horiba Laserdiffractie analyzer LA-960

Important distinguishing features of the LA960:

  • Switch between wet and dry measurement within 1 minute
  • Easy to clean
  • Wet Low End Sensitivity due to lower wavelength of the blue light source (405 nm LED)
  • Standard wide dynamic range from 10 nm to 3mm wet and 10nm to 5mm dry
  • Number of detectors (87) and their positioning (166º)
  • No warm-up time of the laser because a laser diode (LD) is used. The laser is only on during the measurement.
  • Fewer burning hours are needed for the above reason, and an LD has more burning hours than an old-fashioned gas laser (not a single one replaced in 12 years).
  • More suitable for measuring larger particles
  • By conical design of the tank
  • Design and power of the centrifugal pump, no ‘grinding’ of particles
    4 mm wide measuring cell
    Large diameter of the tubing
  • Autofill pump, no pouring with dangerous solvents
  • Measuring cell made of Titanium glass, very robust, easy to dismantle and clean, less frequent cleaning
  • Total volume of liquid to adjust from 120 ml. to 300 ml. in four steps
  • High accuracy and precision:
  • Type of sensors and positioning
  • Very stable optical bench, heavy cast aluminium bib
  • Rapid acquisitions
  • Advanced but easy to use software features
  • RI selection for unknown samples
  • Accuracy of the measurement
  • Method expert for assistance in finding optimal conditions: circulation speed, sample concentration, ultrasonic force and duration, measuring time,
  • A push on the head’ SOPs after development of methods

Wet dispersions

  • high sensitivity, also for high and low area
  • automatic filler module for solvents without size limitation and with low volume capacity

Dry dispersions (optional)

  • Superior dry powder supply due to vertical, curvilinear design
  • guaranteed benefits
  • guaranteed high data accuracy of ±0.6%
  • complies with ISO13320
  • support for traceability
Measurement Method Mie Scattering Theory
Measurement Range 0.01 μm to 5000 μm
Measurement Time 1 minute from dispersion liquid filling to measurement and rinse.
Sampling System Required Sample Amount: Sample 10 mg to 5 g (Depends on sample material).
Viscosity: Less than 10 mPa.s
Optical System Light Source: 650 nm
Laser Diode approx. 5.0 mW.
405 nm Light Emitting Diode (LED) approx. 3.0 mW.
Detectors: Silicon Photo Diode
Circulation System Ultrasonic Probe: Frequency 20 kHz
7-Level selections
Circulation Pump: 15-Level selections
Agitator: 15-Level selections
Flow/Fraction Cell: Tempax Glass
Power Supply 120 V AC ±10% or 230 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz ±1%
Power Consumption 300 VA
Operating Temperature 15 to 35°C
Operating Humidity Relative Humidity 85% or less (no condensation)
External Dimensions 705 x 565 x 500 mm
Mass Approx 56 kg
specifications Dry Feeder
Dispersion Method Injector-driven forced dispersion in air, using compressed air
Sample Supply Method Vibrating feeder
Sample Ejection Method Vacuum-driven forced ejection
Sample Concentration Adjustment Method Adjusted by feeder vibration power
Control Method Serial communication with LA-960 measurement unit
Controlled Items Feeder vibration power alteration (automatic or user-set)
vacuum ON/OFF
compressed air valve ON/OFF
pressure is adjustable
Measurement Time Normally about 2 seconds from start of measurement
Operating Temperature / Humidity 15 to 35°C, 85% RH max.(no condensation)
Outer Dimensions 332 mm x 321 mm x 244 mm
Power Supply AC 100/120/230V, 50/60 Hz, 1500 VA
Compressed Air Pressure 0.5 MPa to 0.8 MPa
Compressed Air Supply Port Quick connector for resin tube with 6 mm outer diameter

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