LA-350 Laser Diffraction Analyser

Compact, powerful, simple


The LA-350 laser diffraction particle size analyser from Horiba Scientific stands out for its functionality, ease of operation, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness. All this in a very compact design and with the accuracy, precision and resolution that Horiba’s analyzers are known for.


  • Dynamic measuring range: 0.1µm – 1000µm: this with a measuring accuracy that is guaranteed at ± 1.4%, based on NIST standards;
  • Compact model: space saving and easy to move between different locations for on-site testing;
  • Fast: analysis within 10 seconds: possible through sophisticated optical design and application of algorithms;
  • Powerful software: provides a wide range of measurement units, data analysis and presentation tools;
  • Easy to use: analysis of samples at the touch of a button.  The measuring cell is very easy to remove and clean;
  • ISO 13320 compliant: the supporting criteria are monitored by Horiba and are included in the inspection procedure for each system.

Small and powerful

With a combination of optical table and circulation pump in one, this is one of Horiba’s most popular designs. The LA-350 now has a much smaller footprint compared to its predecessor, making it easy to move the analyzer if necessary. This is particularly valuable in situations where sampling and analysis sites need to be separated to prevent contamination.

Stable and reliable optical system

The optical design ensures accurate and stable measurements. With each blank, the optics in the device are automatically aligned and corrected, so that even novice users can obtain accurate measurements. The laser diode light source ensures stable performance over the long life of the analyzer. The most sensitive parts, such as detectors, lenses and mirrors, are well protected because they are placed inside the instrument. Furthermore, the instrument has been extensively tested for durability and robustness.

Ease of use

The software is easy to use. A single click selects the measurement conditions and a second generates the measurements. The system then guides the user through the measurement process, making analyses effortless and without the need for extensive knowledge of the software. In addition, standard functions are built into the software, allowing users to easily adjust conditions or compare results of measurements.

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