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System 2000 – Preparative HPLC system

System 2000 is an attractively priced HPLC system consisting of a UV-VIS Photodiode Array detector, preparative pump and gradient box. The system is variable and can handle different configurations of components. The detector measures the absorption simultaneously in one Cell at four wavelengths as a full spectrum (scan). The preparative Quaternary isocratic pump with Flow rates up to 50mL, 100mL, or 400mL/min works together with the gradient box as a gradient pump and together forms a precise low pressure gradient. Communication of all units is via RS232.

In the picture below, the different units are explained. Injection valves and fraction collectors are available. The system is controlled with Clarity software from DataApex.


Box met gradiënt valve (ECB2005) of alleen een bak voor flessen oplosmiddel (ECB2006).


Preparatieve pomp met Flow-Rate tot 50ml, 100ml of 300ml/min.


Flash 14 DAD detector. Verkrijgbaar tot 400nm, 600nm en 840nm.


  • Detector: offers a continuously variable wavelength 190-800/600nm, very low noise (0.3 x 10-5 AU) and High-Speed Sampling up to 100Hz. Operation is via touch buttons on the display, via RS232 or LAN interface. An HPLC 04 analytical cell is included as standard;
  • Isocratic pump; with a Flow-Rate up to 10ml/min and pressure limit of 400 Bar the pump works together with the gradient box also as gradient pump and is equipped with a 4-way gradient mixing valve and degasser.
  • Column oven; with Peltier heating/cooling up to 3 columns with a length of up to 25cm.
  • Communication of all units is via RS232 or LAN interface.
UnitASP1000X, Gradiënt Preparative SystemASP1100X, Isocratic Preparative System
DetectorFlash 14 DAD 600Flash 14DAD 400

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