Scion 456-GC

Scion Instruments, model 456 SQModel 456-GC

3-channel architecture that supports 3 injectors, 3 detectors and MS. Main features:

  • Large colour touch screen – easy operation and status overview
  • Most flexible GC of its kind: 9 EFC modules can be built in
  • Packed, S/SL, PTV, COC injectors and/or valves
  • High pressure injection ports for applications from 0 – 10 Bar with extreme precision
  • The perfect basis for complex analyzers
  • Large oven volume; heating and cooling to a maximum of 150°C/min (180°C/min with oven reducer); for example, the oven cools from 400°C within 4.5 minutes to 50°C. But you can also cool with LCO2 or LN2 for even shorter cooling times.
  • Up to 24 temperature programmes can be set
  • FID, TCD, ECD, NPD/TSD, PFPD, PDHID, SQ-MS detectors
  • “Inert GC” is optionally possible

Advantages large oven:

  • Good accessibility (door can even be removed)
  • Easy installation of columns
  • Capacity for multi-column placement
  • Ideal for more complex systems such as GC-Analyzers

Scion Instruments_oven_kolommen


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