CompassCDS is the universal Chromatography Data System from Scion Instruments. It is designed to control instruments, acquire measurement data, process analysis data and create reports.

CompassCDS comes from the legendary Galaxie CDS and has developed into the latest generation CDS that easily integrates with LIMS, PCS/SCADA, ERP and other commonly used data management systems.

Single Platform – Simply Powerful

The easy-to-use and intuitive graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed to enhance the Operator’s experience by streamlining workflows. As a result, the sample throughput rate is increased. When used in conjunction with the InstantView option, the Dual View feature allows users to process samples, perform live data acquisition, and assess and report results from a single screen, without having to retrieve data files.

Compass CDS also comes standard with a kit needed to support laboratories that need to comply with 21CRF11 and ISO/IEC 17025, among others.

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